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ICO in Philippines gaining Ground in Fintech Regulation

Developments about fintech regulations in the Philippines seem to be working to the advantage of fintech companies who do ICOs. Unlike in China where ICOs were banned in the country’s capital markets last year, the conduct of ICO in the

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PH Remittance further widens Fintech Horizon

Once again, remittances from overseas Filipinos surpassed its year-on-year record, giving a wider horizon for financial technology (fintech). The Philippine central bank or Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) announced last Thursday, February 15, that cash remittances of overseas Filipinos increased

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Blockchain Startups Growing in Philippines

A “new mode of collaboration” or “new business collaboration tool“. These are probably the most generic definitions given to blockchain, the technology behind the first decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Thanks to Harvard Business Review, and Computerworld for putting it into layman’s

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