How Secure is our Digital Identity? A Blockchain View from Roberto Capodieci

The use of digital signatures is becoming more and more popular. We digitally sign company share transfers, public records, contracts, emails (PGP), and many other legally valid electronic documents. For those of you that use cryptocurrencies (paying with bitcoins an online purchase),

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A Crowdfunding Campaigns Aggregator App

Self-proclaimed the ‘Tinder of crowdfunding,’ OFF3R is the world’s first mobile crowdfunding aggregator that allows users to quickly discover and review all the hot opportunities and campaigns ongoing. Taking a similar approach as the world’s most popular dating app, OFF3R

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CoAssets: Southeast Asia’s Very First Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

CoAssets is a Singapore-based real estate crowdfunding platform, business network and educational interface for real estate and crowdfunding enthusiasts. Launched in July 2013, the platform aims to “match make” property deals with investors and was the very first real estate

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