Mobile Payment

Tagcash: Social Media, Payments and Loyalty Programs Combined into One Platform

UK native entrepreneur is looking to provide a solution for micropayments in Southeast Asia, starting with the Philippines. With Tagcash Ltd. Inc., founder and president Mark Vernon is offering a platform and ecosystem that combines social media and payment functionalities.

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BitGold: Save in Gold, Spend with a Debit Card

With the global economy increasingly showing signs of weakness, more people are considering gold as a safe haven. Thankfully, with platforms such as BullionVault and Bitgold now available, gold is no longer a reserve of the rich and literally anyone

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Cambodia Fintech: Leveraging Technology to Bank to Unbanked

With only 27% of Southeast Asia’s 600 million population having bank accounts, the region represents an untapped opportunity for fintech companies, in Cambodia these ventures that are leveraging technology to provide more efficient and cheaper banking and financial services. In

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