Mobile Payments

Kashmi: Bringing Social Payments to Young Singaporean Professionals

Kashmi, pronounced ‘cash-me’, is a social peer-to-peer payment platform developed by a team of Sri Lankans for the Singaporean market. The startup provides a mobile application that allows users to pay their friends instantly and in a convenient matter and

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Toast; Low Cost Blockchain-Powered Remittances for the Unbanked Migrant Workers

Toast, a startup that provides remittance services to Singapore’s migrant workers, is using the bitcoin blockchain to make money transfers faster, cheaper and more convenient for all customers. Most migrant workers, who send up to half of their salary to

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The Rise of Social Payments: When Messaging Apps Become Your Wallet

Mobile commerce is poised to grow, and especially in the Asia Pacific region. With mobile penetration outpacing desktop Internet usage in countries like China, the mobile industry will grow inevitably. As the world of mobile payments integrates with social media,

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