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Top 10 Money Transfer Apps in Asia

For many developing countries in the world, remittances play a key role in their economies, contributing to economic growth and to the livelihoods of those nations. In 2016, more than US$440 billion went to developing countries that involved 250 million

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Azimo launches cash pick-up in the Philippines in one hour or less

Azimo, a digital disrupter of traditional money transfer services, extends its cash pick-up service enabling customers in the Philippines to collect money minutes after money transfer is made. In a revolutionary step for the Philippines market, Azimo’s direct service ensures

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Azimo Updates Remit Service, Adding Instant Bank Transfers to Existing Lightning-Fast Philippines Service

Azimo, the digital money transfer service operating in Europe, announced a complete overhaul of money transfer services to the Philippines, with a lightning fast instant service via bank transfer. BDO Remit, the remittance service of the Philippines’ largest bank BDO

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