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GAFA and Banking: The Next Battleground?

I got my first iPod in 2002 — it was my first Apple product. I had had a Sony Walkman for a long time and had recently moved on to their MiniDisc player, but the iPod was so much better.

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Googles Launchpad Accelerator includes 1 Philippines Fintech Startup

Google Launchpad Accelerator annouced the 5th class of our hands-on mentorship program. This includes a diverse group of startups from all over the world looking to tackle everything from streamlining medical records in Africa to improving breast cancer screenings. Also 5 Fintech Startups made it

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New Google, Temasek Report Explores Southeast Asia’s Massive E-Commerce Opportunity

Southeast Asia (SEA) is the world’s fastest growing Internet region and is expected to grow to more than US$200 billion by 2025, a trend mostly driven by the growth of first-hand e-commerce market, online media and online travel, according to

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