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Open Banking and APIs: How Regulators Around the World are Pushing for Innovation

Open banking, a term that refers to the use of open APIs to allow banks to share information securely and provide customers with even higher levels of convenience and personalized financial advice, is an emerging trend in the banking space

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Interview with the Founder of Bambu, Asia’s Premier B2B Robo-Advisor Provider

Launched in February last year, Bambu is a Singaporean B2B robo-advisor services provider delivering sophisticated automated online management solutions to financial institutions in Asia. Bambu has developed unique solutions for each segment of the market: a white label platform for financial

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Digital Village Singapore: Interview With KPMG’s Lyon Poh And Jan Reinmueller

Launched earlier this year, Digital Village is an initiative of KPMG aimed at stimulating collaboration between corporates and the startup community. KPMG Digital Village works as a platform connecting firms that are looking to innovate as well as potential investors,

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