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Monthly Cryptocurrency Correlation and Volatility Snapshot

If there is one thing that most of us can agree on it probably is that cryptocurrency markets are very dynamic, ever-changing and fast-moving. In this monthly publication Lightbulb Capital reviews of some of the key data points. We highlight

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Finance Innovation: “Not Every Problem Can Be Resolved With An App”

An interesting conversation between Fintech News Singapore Founder – Christian König – and Daniel Liebau – Founder of Innovation Research & Advisory firm – Lightbulb Capital. Daniel shared his views on Finance Innovation and gave some great examples. He also explains “show-horse” and

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New Report Explores Design Thinking in Financial Services

Design thinking is a methodology used during the process of designing and a problem-solving protocol which consists in, first, defining the problem, and then, implementing the solutions, always with the needs of the user demographic at the core of concept

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