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Millennials Driving Digital Shift in Insurance Sector

The insurance industry is undergoing a shift in the way it operates in order to satisfy a new generation of customers – the millennial market. Millennials are demanding more high-tech processes when it comes to insurance, looking for digital interaction

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Oracle, Wharton Fintech Report: Millennials, An ‘Immense Opportunity for Banks’

Totaling 80 million individuals who are commanding US$1.3 trillion in direct annual spending in the US alone, Millennials are the largest generation in world history. The demographic represents a diverse financial services segment completely different from their predecessors and an

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11% of Millennials are Making Purchases from their Smartphone Daily / Security Concerns vs Banking

Millennials have never known anything but new technologies, changing technologies, adjustment and adaptation. Born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s, this generation wants to do everything on their mobile devices, a trend that had the influence to be

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