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Infographic: Fintech Singapore Ecosystem as of January 2016

Singapore, which started as an independent, separate country in 1965, quickly grew from being a tiny underdeveloped country to becoming one of the 20th century’s most successful development story. How did that happen? Well, firstly, because the city-state knew how

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5 Singaporean Fintech Startups MAS Should Consider Supporting

Announced in August 2014 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative will lead to the city-state’s transformation into the world’s first smart nation; in other words, a hyper-connected country where the pervasive use of technology is expected

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MatchMove Pay To Tap Into Southeast Asia’s Remittance Market, Hyperledger Wins Innotribe Startup Challenge

Exciting things are happening in Singapore. In case you missed it last week, MatchMove Pay, one of the hottest fintech startups in Southeast Asia, was granted a remittance license from Singapore’s central bank to tap into Southeast Asia’s juicy remittance

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