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The Hottest Fintech Companies in Singapore in 2017

Singapore has had quite an amazing year with regard to fintech. The city-state organized the world’s largest fintech event, a number of banks and tech firms opened innovations labs in the country, and the government launched new initiatives and funding

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Singaporean Fintech Startup SoCash Seeks To Disrupt The Supply Chain Of Cash (with the Help of MAS)

SoCash, a Singapore-based fintech startup, has developed a solution that allows people to withdraw cash pretty much anywhere by turning small businesses into “Cashpoints.” The company aims at making cash circulation more efficient by deconstructing the expensive cash logistics supply

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soCASH Receives Financial Sector Technology & Innovation (FSTI)

soCASH, a growing Singapore-based fintech start-up that makes cash easily available anywhere and everywhere you want, today announced they have been granted the Financial Sector Technology & Innovation (FSTI) Scheme- Proof Of Concepts (POC) from the Monetary Authority of Singapore

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