Top Fintech Startup Blogs and Social Media Account for Singapore

Top Fintech Startup Blogs and Social Media Account for Singapore

by October 6, 2016

A great social media presence is now essential to businesses both large and small. Potential customers and consumers are looking for social media accounts that are smart, insightful, and which will bring value to their lives in some way.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Singaporean fintech companies to learn from in this regard. Whether they provide entrepreneurial advice, local news, or insights from industry leaders, these companies are moving the conversation forward on what social media can do and how it can improve brand messaging.

Here are the top fintech companies in Singapore that are leveraging the power of social media the most efficiently. (Study by End of December 2015)

Best Fintech Company Blogs

InvoiceInterchange Pte. Ltd.

invoiceinterchange best blog singapore fintechInvoiceInterchange is a peer-to-peer invoice trading marketplace, providing working capital solution to fund business growth.

The company’s blog, which is updated quite frequently, provides great informational content and tips in the domain of invoice financing, alternative finance, credit rating, hidden costs, among many other topics.

New Union

new union best blog singapore fintechNew Union is Singapore’s largest business financing platform where local businesses seeking short-term financing can connect with individuals and other businesses seeking short-term investments.

New Union’s blog mainly provides tips and advice to entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses. Latest posts include ‘9 ways to assemble a management team to scale up business’, ‘7 ways to grow your business’, and ‘How to scale successfully by acquiring companies’.

singapore fintech companies best of blogs

Best company Facebook pages and Twitter feeds

Small businesses can stand out in a big way with Facebook and Twitter.

The following paragraph names some of Singapore’s top fintech company Facebook pages and Twitter feeds in terms of fans number, followers and activity.

moneysmart facebookMoneySmart is personal finance portal that aims to demystify finance and help people manage their money better. The website is best known for its blog, which offers great advice and resources on all-things-finance. It comes with little surprise that the company is among the most active ones on Facebook.

Facebook fans: 58,876

Twitter followers: 1,648


Top singapore fintech companies social media facebook

When it comes to Twitter, a few companies are excelling. Fastacash Pte. Ltd. is the most active company on the social media and the one that has the most followers as well: 3,583.

Fastacash is followed by Onlinepay Pte. Ltd. (3,289 followers), My Manisky Pte, the operator of TradeHero (2,826 followers), and MoneySmart (1,648 followers).

Top singapore fintech companies social media twitter

Best company LinkedIn pages

Another area where Fastacash is excelling is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a whole different concept from the likes of Facebook and Twitter. People essentially come to LinkedIn to consume professional content: a great way for businesses to reach a new audience.

With 2,439 followers, Fastacash is the most followed fintech company from Singapore on LinkedIn, and the most active one. On its company page, Fastacash mostly shares company’s updates and executive interventions, but also media articles related to mobile finance and payment.

Fastacash is followed by payments startup Numoni (2,293 followers), HelloPay (1,618 followers) and Big Data analytics platform Aureus Analytics (948 followers).

Honorable mentions include WeInvest, which is among the most active companies on LinkedIn (593 followers), but also cybersecurity company I-Sprint Innovations (784 followers), and mobile commerce startup GoSwiff (745 followers).

Top singapore fintech companies social media linkedin


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*all numbers by End of December 2015