Fintech and Blockchain Education: University Courses, Executive Seminars and Workshops

Fintech and Blockchain Education: University Courses, Executive Seminars and Workshops

by May 18, 2016

As technology is playing an increasing role in the banking and financial world, businesses, universities and organizations have started offering seminars, masterclasses, and courses covering the emerging fintech ecosystem.

Today, we’ve listed the most exciting educational events to come, and some of the most popular university courses available out there covering FinTech and its ecosystem:


Oxford University

Oxford Saïd Business School: FinTech Lectures

fintech education | Oxford

Oxford Said Business School has been hosting a series of FinTech-focused lectures since the beginning of the month. The lecture series has been curated by Huy Nguyen Trieu, a Resident Expert and friend of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Oxford Saïd.

  • The first lecture, which took place on May 05, 2016, provided an introduction to the FinTech ecosystem and aimed at understanding how financial technology is impacting traditional finance.
  • The second lecture, which occurred on May 12, featured FinTech entrepreneurs and founders who shared their experiences building a FinTech startup. Speakers included Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer from Monetary Authority of Singapore.
  • The third and final lecture in the series, on May 19, will feature market leading financial services firms BlackRock and Lloyd’s Bank which will discuss how digitalization is impacting traditional financial services businesses.


Oxford e-Research Centre

fintech education | Oxford Research

Oxford e-Research Centre has formed a new Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Strategic Blue, a London-based FinTech company specialized in cloud computing infrastructure, aimed at applying data science expertise in cloud ecosystem analysis to enhance the technologies underpinning its financial cloud brokerage services and data analytics products.

KTP is a UK-wide program aimed at facilitating collaboration between businesses and higher education or research and technology organizations, to obtain knowledge, technology or skills.


MIT FinTech Certificate Course: Future Commerce

MIT Fintech Course

MIT FinTech Certificate Course is a 12-week, part-time, online certificate course that aims to help students and professionals understand, experience and build the future of transactions and commerce.

The course, which will begin on June 06, 2016, will explore emerging technologies and future trend forecasts that will disrupt existing marketplaces and financial services.


USC’s Marshall School of Business

USC Marshall School of Business Fintech course

The University of Southern California’s (USC) Marshall School of Business has launched earlier this year a course focusing on fintech with a special emphasis on entrepreneurship.

Topics include emerging business models in alternative lending and the use of data and algorithms, bank disintermediation, new methods of equity raising, blockchain technology, innovative payment solutions, emerging trends in wealth management, and more.


Blockchain 101 Workshop

fintech education | Access

On June 06, 2016, ACCESS will be hosting a workshop in Singapore dedicated to blockchain technology. Aimed at demystifying the myths and complications about distributed ledgers, the workshop will cover the basics of the technology and dive deeper into what it means for our future.

Topics will include the basics of blockchain, its history, where the technology is heading, and much more.



2-Day Masterclass in Payment Gateways


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Terrapinn Training will be organizing two events in Asia this year aimed at educating participants on the rapid developments in the payments industry.

The 2-Day Masterclass in Payment Gateways intends to provide a comprehensive understand of how the payments business works and how the industry is evolving.

Topics will include the fundamentals of the payments industry, the latest trends in payments and payments gateways, merchant relationship management, tech and payments infrastructures, and much more.

The event will take place in Hong Kong on May 26 and 27, 2016, and in Singapore from February 27 to March 01, 2017.



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