AI, Blockchain and Thought Control: The World in 2069

AI, Blockchain and Thought Control: The World in 2069

by July 4, 2019

Many businesses face a breathless race to keep up with the latest technology – fighting to ensure they are working efficiently and effectively and aren’t leaving open the chance that their rivals will steal a march on them.

In that respect, it’s easy to get trapped in the moment and focus solely on the short to medium term and the existential fight to survive and thrive. There is, after all, a lot to catchup and capitalise on.

Yet, what’s coming next? What are the really big technological trends that will alter the world of business and beyond in the next 50 years? How will the world look by 2069?

IG, experts in spread betting and CFDs across forex, cryptocurrency and commodities, has attempted to answer this by looking ahead to what trading will look like in half a century.

The result – A Time Traveller’s Guide To The Future Of Trading – demonstrates that by then thought-powered technology will allow people to make trading decisions with their minds, fiat currencies will have been completely replaced and AI assistants will have replaced human brokers – showing the extent of automation.

Using current science trends to make realistic predictions, the full guide below demonstrates how and when this change could happen. Check it out for an evidence-based view of a future that will have repercussions far beyond the world of trading too.


Please note this is no investment advice.

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