Digital Risks Of Mobile Apps Are On The Rise

Digital Risks Of Mobile Apps Are On The Rise

by August 24, 2020

Recently, a security firm looked into the apps available on Google Play Store and the App store stated that over 85% of those apps violates at least one security risk. About half of these applications had insecure data storage or were working with an insecure communication risk.

Proper assessments can provide assurance on the security of mobile apps and APIs. By entrusting security concerns to experts, companies can actually save time and focus more on their primary concern which is making a profit. They reduce risks and implement actionable security measures to improve safety as well as meet the mandatory compliance regulations.

nProtect AppGuard is an Application Shielding solution for fintech and gaming apps that encompasses anti-cheating, anti-tampering and hardening capabilities such as anti-debugging, anti-emulation and encryption. Besides, it also provides threat monitoring capabilities combined with policy-based controls that can automate responses when any threats are detected.

When the AppGuard solution is utilised by an Android app, the application could enable the necessary security measures without additional coding. The upload of the solution is simplified and will take effect in minutes where the AppGuard will be operating in real time through a web console.

The nProtect security solution helps provide protection against fraudulent online banking transactions, secures consumers’ financial information and enables the timely processing of payments. It has also acquired the highest level of GS certification (Level 1) and is registered in the procurement country market.

Currently, it provides a wide range of mobile games, fintech, e-commerce, and public sector app services locally and abroad. Some of the clients using the nProtect’s security solution are global fintech and game companies such as Sega, Bandai Namco, Line games, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and HSBC.

Local market expansion

INCA Internet, which provides AppGuard, has partnered with Mexico’s Data Media, Argentina’s Heliconia Software and India’s Codec Networks Pvt. Ltd. to facilitate local delivery of solutions. Latin America is the fastest-growing region in the world after Southeast Asia, and is highly interested in security solutions.

It is also planning to carry out partner contracts in Southeast Asian countries to ensure that applications are secure and protected.

Learn more about nProtect AppGuard here.