Protect Your Investments with Hedges

Protect Your Investments with Hedges

by September 3, 2021

It isn’t easy for investors who are just starting to decide whether it’s better to keep all your capital in one place or keep it spread out. Although experienced traders will advise you to spread it out, it’s not an easy decision to make. Additionally, cryptocurrency’s volatility makes it so that every trader, new or experienced alike, gets anxious whenever the market shifts.

It is ideal to earn a lot when investing, but at first, it’s more realistic to just avoid making losses with the initial capital. With that, hedging is a great way to let first-time investors get a feel of the market and familiarise themselves with the volatility without experiencing any major loss.

Crypto hedging methods benefit from trading in highly volatile cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. There are other crypto hedge fund firms, such as Polychain Capital and Pantera Capital, that manage clients’ portfolios to profit. In the face of market uncertainty, it is always preferable to generate profits and lock them in.

What is Hedging?


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A hedge is an investment taken to reduce the risk of unexpected price changes in an asset. It enables traders to secure a set point for their assets in poor market situations. Although hedging crypto secures their assets from undesirable market volatility, it also reduces the possible benefits from their crypto investment.

Hedging’s fundamental goal is protection, as opposed to speculation’s sheer profit drive. Hedging is used to preserve profits or minimise losses in a portfolio, but because it is expensive, the great majority of individual investors do not consider it during normal times.

Rules for Hedging:

  • Opposite position – A trader’s rule of thumb is to enter a position opposite of its current position.
  • Liquidity assessment – Traders examine the asset’s liquidity to gauge various aspects, such as market fluidity, market integrity, and transaction speed. This will enable traders to swiftly swap their assets for cash with little price slippage to keep prices increasing or dropping.
  • Diversification –is a well-known secret that keeping a diverse portfolio is the best management technique for traders and investors alike.

Types of Hedging Strategies

Short selling

Short selling is an investment or trading practice that bets on the decrease in the price of a stock or other instrument. It is a sophisticated method that experienced traders and investors should only attempt. Short selling can be used as speculative trading by traders or as a hedge against the downside risk of a long position in the same securities by investors or portfolio managers.

Aside from the aforementioned threat of failing money on a deal due to a stock’s price rising, investors should be aware of extra risks associated with short selling.


Derivatives offer a wide range of applications and dangers, but they are usually regarded as a secure method to engage in the financial markets. Derivatives have been used to hedge risk and increase profits for centuries, notably in the farming business. Options, swaps, futures, and forward contracts are all examples of derivative instruments.

Closing notes

Bear in mind that most digital assets are highly volatile, and the market as a whole tends to go in a particular way. To mitigate the dangers connected with altcoins, you may want to consider adding reliable currencies to your portfolio. Admittedly, diversification is about keeping a balanced mix of assets in place. Although it may take a few attempts to discover the best strategy for each trader, it is not entirely impossible.

Crypto traders should be aware of financial measures, such as hedging, that may help them reduce possible losses and secure their position regardless of market conditions. Hedging protects traders from potentially catastrophic losses in the extremely unpredictable cryptocurrency market. Hedging crypto is also important since it protects the earnings in the case of a crash or price adjustment.

To find the appropriate crypto hedge there are various platforms avaialable. For example you can hedge with Immediate Edge.

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