Challenges Faced By The Crypto Market In Going Global

Challenges Faced By The Crypto Market In Going Global

by October 27, 2021

While there are many advantages of getting a digital platform for global coverage, it cannot be discounted that the crypto market is still going through several hurdles before it can dominate countries all over the globe. Learn why crypto trading is still limited to several regions despite the opportunities.

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Internet Connectivity

Despite the boom in social media accounts, there are still people in some parts of the world who have not yet set foot online. You may want to take the case of those living in remote areas surrounded by mountains where there is no network access at all. People dwelling in these areas are more likely outsiders in the traditional financial system. And most of them have some cash stashed in an old cabinet.

According to statistics, only half of the global population is using the internet. There are still some who might have access but are still sceptical of making their digital fingerprint. More than privacy issues, most are concerned about security issues, especially when delving into online financial transactions. The vulnerability of the digital platform to hacking incidents is not helping, either. It is for this reason that some would hesitate from putting their money in virtual wallets.

Internet Connection

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Communication Gap

Although more than a billion people know how to speak English, there is a considerable portion of the population that would rather keep the native tongue. Most, if not all, crypto exchanges make use of the universal language, which makes it tough for those whose competency is limited to the local dialect. It would be a challenge for crypto trading platforms to provide a localised approach when it comes to marketing.

Some would argue that there would always be Google Translate to save the day. However, bilingual speakers would agree that automated translation does not fully capture the meaning of words. There would always be gaps meant to be bridged by a personalised approach when it comes to language. Besides, the cost of doing so might yield favourable returns to crypto exchanges to penetrate local markets.

Financial Literacy

Basic algebra, particularly arithmetic, might be a familiar tune to everybody’s ear. Mathematics is one of the core subjects of educational systems, after all. You should remember, however, that it is one thing to do the math, and it is another thing to understand the math of investment. If you are good at math, it would not be that tough to learn the salient features of investment. It is as if you have got your one foot on the door, ready to enter the classroom. Next thing you know, you are already sitting in front while raising your hand.

There are ample resources online that could help you learn the ropes when it comes to crypto investments. All it takes is to spend some time reading the materials to be able to gain familiarity with how things work. Also, technical assistance is available in case you need to clarify something.

Lack of resources

In the digital age, you might say that almost everyone can afford a mobile device for trading. That is, if you intend to use the platform mainly for buying, selling and transferring cryptocurrencies. However, you might need a decent computer set in case you would like to engage in mining coins. You will have to invest in resources to be able to do so.
Feel free to start small should you need some more time to procure the necessary resources. You can always start with crypto trading to grow your investment so that you can have enough cash to buy your computer. How about using the holdover period to learn more about mining and some strategies? This way, you will be more than prepared when you start mining your first few coins.


These are only four of the notable hurdles why cryptocurrencies are not yet recognised all over the globe. Treat each of them as a special area for improvement in efforts to introduce the crypto market from one country to another. It would not hurt to buy some more time in the getting to know stage.


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