15 Insightful Fintech Blogs You Might Not Know

15 Insightful Fintech Blogs You Might Not Know

by September 20, 2015

Aside from popular news services there are many financial professionals, venture capitalists and technologists who decide to start and maintain a blog. They share their knowledge and insights on cutting-edge technologies.

Unlike news services, these individuals offer lengthy analysis and guidance on particular topics that could well be digital currencies, mobile payments, remittances or peer-to-peer lending.

If you aren’t yet following one of these experts, here is a list of 15 Fintech Blogs you can start with that will give you greater understanding of the hottest and most disruptive technologies and business models that will likely dramatically change the way we transact, manage, save and borrow money.

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here we go:



Finiculture is a blog maintained by Pascal Bouvier, a former French banker who is now a venture capitalist at Route 66, investing in emerging and high-growth fintech companies that deliver various products, including alternative payments platforms, digital banking services and insurance.

Finiculture features analysis and insights on leading edge technologies such as distributed ledgers, but also give advices to entrepreneurs and investors to become successful. One of my favorite stories is the infographic “What happens in Fintech in 1 hour


Fintech Today

Fintech todayFintech Today is a blog created and maintained by Ian Kar, a widely known journalist featured in a number of publications, including Barrons, Fortune, Forbes, TIME, Business Insider and Fortune.

Kar’s blog aims to analyze and understand what’s going on in the world of fintech. The site features in-depth analysis, news articles and interviews with top executives.


Faisal Khan

Faisal KahnFaisal Khan is a consultant based in Pakistan specialized in banking, payments and fintechs. His company, Faisal Khan & Company, aims to help companies and entrepreneurs in all things related to cross-border money transfer and payment systems. This includes remittance, business payments, money transmission laws, money transmitter licenses, e-money, payout access, to name a few.

In his blog, Khan covers cutting-edged technologies and explains how specific innovations work. Khan also conducts market analysis, product reviews and report summaries.



finnoFinno.nl is a Dutch blog covering fintech startups, technologies and trends. Launched in 2014, the site was created by Pascal Spelier, Managing Consultant at Capgemini Consulting.

Finno.nl features posts from top executives of financial institutions and banks, as well as fintech entrepreneurs. The site offers guides, analysis, and company’s presentations in industries such as insurance, peer-to-peer lending and payments. The blog is mainly written in Dutch, so use Google Translate.



tekfinTekfin.com is the blog of Yann Ranchere, a finance director at Anthemis Group based in Geneva, who covers innovations related to the financial services industry.

Although not regularly updated, Tekin.com features sharp and lengthy analysis on topics such as innovations in asset management and insurance, tokenisation, and bitcoin.


Other blogs you should add to your favorites list are Disruptive Finance, maintained by Huy Nguyen Trieu, and Visible Banking, maintained by Christophe Langlois.

Disruptive FinanceThere are also many company’s blogs that are worth reading, including CB Insights, initially a venture capital database that provides daily real-time information about VC and angel investments, but also Paymill, Venture Scanner and Kurtosys.


fred wilsonIf you are a bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocate, you should definitely follow the blogs of Fred Wilson, a widely known venture capitalist, and Joel Monegro of Union Square Ventures.


ETHEREUMEthereum, a blockchain-based decentralized platform for smart contracts launched earlier this month also maintains a blog that features insightful posts from founder Vitalik Buterin, co-founder Anthony Di Iorio, developer Gavin Wood, and many other blockchain experts.


bits on blockSince a couple of  weeks there is also a new fantastic blog about blockchain from Antony Lewis. Check out “Bits on Blocks” Thoughts on blockchain technology.