Alibaba Cloud Launches Suite of Financial Services Solutions With Over 70 Products

Alibaba Cloud Launches Suite of Financial Services Solutions With Over 70 Products

by January 17, 2023

Alibaba Cloud has launched its suite of solutions comprising over 70 products for financial service institutions (FSIs) of all sizes.

The Alibaba Cloud for Financial Services solutions will support the entire digital journey of FSIs and give them easy access to cutting-edge cloud-native technology.

Migration to cloud will enable FSIs to achieve their ESG commitments as well as reduce the carbon footprint of their IT operations, enhancing overall operational efficiency and therefore reducing cost.

They provide five core capabilities covering over 20 business scenarios to improve FSIs’ operational efficiency, customer experience, security, and compliance posture:

This includes robust cloud infrastructure, security and compliance solutions, agility in business application development, digital onboarding and servicing as well as AI-powered customer insight generation and analytics solutions.

Alibaba Cloud said that it will be further expanding its product offering as well as the geographic coverage of its services to support more FSIs in the future.

Raymond Xiao

Raymond Xiao

“Our new solutions have been built in response to growing demand from FSIs around the world for cloud products capable of accelerating their digitalisation and enhancing the customer experience.


By leveraging our extensive cloud capabilities and industry know-how, we have developed a comprehensive suite of solutions to advance growth and innovation in the finance sector.”

said Raymond Xiao, Head of International Industry Solutions and Architecture, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Dr Derek Wang

Dr Derek Wang

“We believe promoting the transition to the cloud is a critical measure for achieving carbon reductions and efficiency enhancements to benefit a company’s profit and loss statement (P&L), elevate its brand values and deliver on its sustainability promises.


Alibaba Cloud Financial Solutions support FCIs of all sizes on their sustainability path through infrastructure digitalisation, and ultimately promote a green financial ecosystem in Singapore,”

said Dr Derek Wang, Singapore General Manager, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.


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