Top 20 Upcoming Fintech Events Taking Place in APAC in Q4 2023

Top 20 Upcoming Fintech Events Taking Place in APAC in Q4 2023

by October 24, 2023

Asia-Pacific (APAC) has experienced explosive growth of its fintech industry over the past years, a rise that’s been driven by various factors including large unbanked populations, high mobile penetration rates and supportive government policies.

By 2030, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) expects APAC to outpace the US and become the world’s top fintech market. Spearheaded by India, China and Indonesia, the region’s fintech sector is poised to grow at a projected annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27% compared with 17% for the US.

As the fintech industry continues to grow and evolve in APAC, an abundance of fintech conferences and gatherings are being organized in the region to showcase local talents and developments.

Today, we look at the top upcoming fintech events taking place in APAC in the last quarter of 2023. These large scale events are expected to bring together large crowds of industry leaders, innovators and policymakers to tackle the sector’s biggest opportunities and most pressing issues.

Fintech Taipei Forum

October 25, 2023

FinTechSpace, Taipei City, Taiwan

Fintech Taipei Forum


FinTech Taipei 2023 specially launches series of O2O activities. Assemble various financial institutions and startups to show the innovative energy of Taiwan FinTech in the post-epidemic era. Domestic and foreign fintech experts and entrepreneurs will be invited to gather together to discuss future trends and innovative applications of fintech.

Indocomtech 2023

October 25 – 29, 2023

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City, Tangerang, Indonesia

Indocomtech 2023

Indocomtech 2023, scheduled for October 25 to. 29, is set to be hosted at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD City, Tangerang. This technology exhibition, organized by Indonesia’s Apkomindo Association (YAI) and Satu Event, will occupy 5,000 m2 and feature around 150 participating brands, including notable names like Epson, Acer, HP, and Asus, among others.

The event aims to showcase a wide array of products ranging from IT and smart technology to commerce solutions and lifestyle products, covering essential gadgets, business support technology, and hobby-related items.

In addition to the technological showcase, Indocomtech 2023 will incorporate special promotions, including an online-to-offline (O2O) transaction feature in partnership with Tokopedia, offering visitors incentives like cashbacks. Other promotional activities include big deals, clearance sales, and product auctions.

The event will also diversify its appeal with Fever Fest, a cultural program expected to draw approximately 10,000 participants interested in Japanese culture, featuring talk shows, game matches, and guest performances.

Indonesia Bitcoin Conference

October 26 – 27, 2023

Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur Bali, Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia Bitcoin Conference

The Indonesia Bitcoin Conference, scheduled for October 26 and 27, 2023 at the Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur, Bali, will bring together enthusiasts, experts, and newbies in the cryptocurrency realm. The event aims to act as a comprehensive platform for learning, exchanging ideas, and exploring technological advancements in Bitcoin, contributing significantly to the cryptocurrency community’s growth within the region.

Over the two-day conference, more than 40 speakers will take the stage, providing insights and fostering discussions about Bitcoin. Notable figures such as Jack Dorsey, Stephan Livera, and Alex Gladstein, among others, are included in the line-up, promising a robust discourse on various facets of cryptocurrency.

The conference is designed as a holistic educational and engaging experience, and will include activities such as expert panels, keynote speeches, a dedicated bazaar and an exhibition segment, allowing for immersive learning and networking.

A special feature this year will be the Lightning hackathon, an event organized before the conference to spur innovation within the Lightning Network apps domain. With a substantial prize of US$10,000, the hackathon aims to catalyze collaborative efforts among developers and highlight the network’s versatility and potential for growth.

Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023

October 30 – November 05, 2023

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023

Hong Kong Fintech Week is an annual fintech event taking place in Hong Kong and in Shenzhen. It’s one of the largest conferences on the calendar, attracting more than 12,000 senior executives and featuring over 250 of the world’s top speakers including fintech founders, investors, regulators, and academics, who are shaping the future of financial services by driving a technological revolution in the industry across Asia and globally.

The 2023 edition, which will be held in a hybrid format, will offer businesses a golden opportunity to spotlight their products and solutions to an audience of over 30,000 attendees from more than 95 economies, including global and regional media.

This year’s conference will bring together global leaders and world-leading fintech innovations to explore the future development of fintech through six key themes:

  • Global regulations and focuses such as sustainable and green finance;
  • Funding and venture capital as well as family office investments;
  • Exploring the realms of artificial intelligence (AI), Web3 and emerging frontiers;
  • Unveiling the latest opportunities within the dynamic Greater Bay Area;
  • Hong Kong’s innovation journey; and
  • Business showcases.

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Cyberport Venture Capital Forum

October 31 – November 01, 2023

Cyberport, Hong Kong

Cyberport Venture Capital Forum

The Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF) will convene on October 31 and November 01, 2023, at Cyberport in Hong Kong, serving as a seminal gathering for innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs looking to navigate the complexities of the current economic landscape, forge new alliances, and identify unique investment opportunities in the digital tech sector.

CVCF is engineered as a dynamic melting pot, slated to attract venture capitalists (VC), corporate investors, tech startups, and various professionals from related sectors. The event promises opportunities for substantial networking, facilitating direct interactions between influential investors and burgeoning tech startups. This synergy is expected to cultivate collaborative prospects and foster investment matching.

Participants will get to anticipate a rich, informative experience, with insights into pioneering strategies, the latest trends in VC, and corporate investing from a global perspective, including specific discourses related to the Belt & Road Initiative, the US, and Mainland China markets. Moreover, the forum will offer an exclusive chance to engage with the Cyberport community’s promising startups and expanding companies.

The Cyberport Venture Capital Forum, therefore, stands as an invaluable platform for a diverse audience, from high net worth individuals to digital tech entrepreneurs, looking to navigate the complexities of the current economic landscape, forge new alliances, and identify unique investment opportunities in the digital tech sector.

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2023 CUHK Conference on Financial Technology

November 01, 2023

Lau Chor Tak Lecture Theatre (LT1), Yatsumoto International Academic Park, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2023 CUHK Conference on Financial Technology

The 2023 CUHK Conference on Financial Technology, scheduled for November 01, is positioned as a key satellite event during the Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023, one of Asia’s premier fintech gatherings that’s expected to draw over 1.2 million global attendees, including executives, entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, and academics from more than 130 economies.

This year’s focus is on generative AI and digital assets, emphasizing governance and risk management perspectives. The conference aims to bridge academia and industry, fostering discussions, idea exchanges, and future collaborative ventures.

The event will commence with an opening ceremony featuring speeches from distinguished personalities such as Prof. Rocky S. Tuan and Mr. Joseph H. L. Chan, followed by a press photography session.

Key activities include:

  • A keynote speech by the Hon. Prof. KF Wong on the societal implications of generative AI and digital assets;
  • Panel discussions exploring digital assets in terms of opportunities, governance, and risk management, with insights from industry experts representing financial institutions, technology firms, and academia;
  • A fireside chat discussing the resilient transformation of Hang Seng Indexes through data and AI;
  • A presentation by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) outlining its roadmap for virtual asset regulation; and
  • A feature presentation (TBC) by SenseTime on SenseTrust, an AI governance platform designed to safely advance generative AI technologies.

The conference will also incorporate networking sessions and a series of panel discussions in the afternoon. These discussions will delve into enhancing AI and digital asset capabilities through academia-industry partnerships, with contributions from representatives of tech giants, research institutions, and business schools.

The event will conclude with a talk by Prof. Helen Meng on the advancements in generative AI and their implications for the future workforce and talent development, followed by the official closing of the conference.

India Fintech Forum’s IFTA 2023

October 30 – November 01, 2023

Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai, India

India Fintech Forum’s IFTA 2023

The India Fintech Forum presents its 8th edition of the India Fintech Awards (IFTA) 2023, a prestigious event set for October 30 and November 01. Celebrated for its commitment to innovation in fintech, IFTA will take place at the Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai, with initial online sessions leading to the grand finale.

Key points of IFTA 2023 include:

  • Global recognition: From 1,250+ entries spanning diverse countries like Australia, Nigeria, and the US, 24 startups and 6 scaleups have been shortlisted, signifying IFTA’s global reach. The event, a convergence point for over 12,000 attendees, including policymakers, fintech leaders, and the media, underscores its international stature.
  • Jury and awards: A distinguished jury will evaluate finalists, spotlighting groundbreaking contributions to fintech. Winners, identified for transforming the financial sector, will be announced on November 01, emphasizing IFTA’s role in acknowledging fintech excellence globally.
  • Hybrid event dynamics: Adapting to contemporary needs, IFTA 2023 is structured as a hybrid event. Virtual sessions on October 30 and 31 precede in-person deliberations, culminating in the Mumbai finale, ensuring extensive global participation.
  • Theme – financial literacy: This edition will emphasize Digital Finance for All: Building Financial Literacy, reflecting a commitment to inclusive finance in the digital era. This theme aligns with global objectives to harness digital finance while safeguarding users through education.
  • Fintech Olympiad Launch: Marking a milestone, the 2023 India Fintech Forum will introduce the Fintech Olympiad, aiming to nurture financially savvy youth. This initiative underscores the importance of foundational knowledge in leveraging fintech for economic empowerment.
  • Pioneering spirit: IFTA, a trailblazer in recognizing fintech innovators through its awards, continues this tradition in its 8th iteration. The event will stand as a testament to India’s burgeoning role in the global fintech narrative.

By fostering discussions, showcasing technology, and facilitating key industry connections, IFTA 2023 will serve as a crucible for fintech innovation, setting the stage for the next quantum leap in digital finance solutions.

SAP & SAP Fioneer Financial Services Forum Asia Pacific

November 02, 2023

Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore

SAP & SAP Fioneer Financial Services Forum Asia Pacific

Following the huge success of the Financial Services Forums in Amsterdam, Boston and Frankfurt, SAP and SAP Fioneer is announcing the inaugural financial services forum in Asia Pacific. The event will provide the opportunity for C-suite and technology leaders in the banking and insurance industry in the region to hear case studies and examples of technological innovation directly from SAP and SAP Fioneer customers and their partners from around the world.

The forum aims to stand out for offering firsthand insights from industry trailblazers, with a rich agenda featuring case studies from global and regional leaders in banking and insurance. These narratives, focusing on financial transformation, innovation in banking and insurance digitalization, data analytics prowess, and the navigation of regulatory landscapes, promise exclusive learning not available on other platforms.

One of the critical aspects attendees can anticipate is a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities stemming from new compliance measures and regulatory mandates.

The forum will culminate in a complimentary cocktail gathering, a segment designed to foster relaxed interactions and encourage participants to forge new professional connections and alliances in a friendly setting.

China AI Innovation Tour 2023

November 06 – 10, 2023

Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, Mainland China

China AI Innovation Tour 2023

The China AI Innovation Tour 2023, taking place from November 06 to 10, promises a comprehensive exploration of the advancements and applications of AI within China, one of the world’s most prolific centers of technological growth. The event is set to immerse participants in a transformative environment where AI intersects with various sectors including finance, transportation, and healthcare.

Highlights of the China AI Innovation Tour 2023:

  • In-depth exploration of AI trends: Attendees will delve into the cutting-edge developments in AI, machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and automation. These discussions will not just skim the surface but will provide deep insights into how these technologies are reshaping industries and societal norms.
  • Inside look at financial innovations: The tour will feature exclusive access to innovation labs within leading financial institutions, where participants will get to witness firsthand the impact of AI and emerging technologies like cryptocurrencies, blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) on traditional financial services.
  • Network with industry disruptors: Participants will meet face-to-face with a diverse range of industry trailblazers, from fintech innovators and unicorn startups to accelerators driving technological advancements. These interactions promise valuable insights and the forging of potential collaborations or partnerships.
  • Investment insights from leading VCs: In what promises to be a highlight for investors and startups alike, VCs and private equity firms will provide briefings and share their perspectives on current trends and future predictions for technology investments, particularly within the realm of AI.
  • Learning from tech giants’ real-world applications: The tour isn’t just theoretical. Attendees will explore case studies from leading tech giants, mirroring the successes of Silicon Valley. These practical insights will be invaluable for understanding the practical challenges and transformative potential of AI applications in various sectors.
  • Interactive experience in diverse sectors: Participants will get to engage directly with experts across multiple sectors impacted by AI, including healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. These interactions will illuminate the challenges and breakthroughs in implementing AI solutions on a broad scale.

By traversing the technological heartlands of China, participants in the China AI Innovation Tour 2023 will gain not just knowledge, but also experience in the dynamic, fast-evolving landscape of AI.

Engage Asia

November 08, 2023

Carlton Hotel Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand

Engage Asia

The Engage Asia conference, taking place on November 08, 2023, is slated to be a pivotal event, steering the conversation on the transformation from traditional banking methods to innovative engagement banking. This full-day event is set to be packed with insightful sessions, discussions, and networking opportunities. It promises a blend of insightful content, expert opinions, and real-world case studies aimed at driving the banking industry forward in the digital age.

Topics covered will include:

  • The challenges banks face in modernization;
  • Insights from new research revealing the gap in unified banking expectations and the current digital transformation efforts;
  • Understanding the underserved segment of small businesses and how banks can support them through innovative solutions;
  • A deep dive into how banks can overcome innovation constraints imposed by legacy systems through progressive modernization;
  • Enhancing customer engagement through digital omnipresence; and
  • Trends in wealth management and how Backbase assists in digitalizing this segment.

The day will conclude with a social event, offering a unique cultural experience while facilitating further networking in an informal setting.

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INSEAD Future Forum in Singapore: How Will Web3 and AI Transform Finance?

November 08, 2023

Claude and Tuulikki Janssen Auditorium, INSEAD Asia Campus,, Singapore

INSEAD Future Forum in Singapore: How Will Web3 and AI Transform Finance?

The INSEAD Future Forum, taking place on November 08, 2023, is a symposium designed to dissect and discuss the revolutionary impacts of Web3 and AI in the financial sphere.

Hosted by digital@INSEAD, the half-day conference will offer a platform for practitioners, academics and policymakers to explore the potential of these technologies in transforming the financial industry. The event will bring together large financial institutions, disruptors as well as experts, providing an ideal opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Participants can expect:Insights revolving around Web3’s foundational strategies, trajectory and intersection with global finance;
  • AI’s metamorphic influence in finance; and
  • A deep dive into the transformative blueprint of finance sketched by Web3.
  • The forum will be followed by a networking cocktail.


SALT iConnections Asia 2023

November 14 – 16, 2023

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

SALT iConnections Asia 2023

The SALT iConnections Asia 2023 event, taking place from November 14 to 16 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, is expected to convene more than 800 allocators and fund managers, including asset managers, family offices and institutional investors for two days of networking and meetings.

Capital introductions will be held in parallel with thought leadership content featuring industry luminaires on stage covering topics such as investing in Asian markets, the impact of financial technology on business and global outlook on alternative investments.

Topics covered during this year’s edition include:

  • Analyzing macro trends in a fragmented region;
  • Family office insights on alternative assets;
  • Fundraising opportunities in Asia’s alternatives industry;
  • Decoding Asia’s investment playbook for private equity and VC;
  • Mapping out the geopolitical landscape; and
  • The untapped potential of digital assets in APAC.

Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

November 15 – 17, 2023

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

The Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) is a global nexus where policy, finance, and technology communities converge. Designed to foster impactful connections and collaborations, SFF is a platform to explore the intersections of cutting-edge financial solutions, evolving regulatory landscapes, and the latest technological innovations.

Held from November 15 to 17, 2023 at the Singapore EXPO, SFF 2023 will examine how technologies such as AI and Web3, and digital public goods, can help to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future and re-imagine the financial system architecture to better address the needs of the underserved. There will also be a focus on securing the digital economy against modern climate, technology, and cyber risks.

SFF 2023 will see new dedicated zones for technology, founders, environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, regulation and talent, each offering a unique perspective on the latest trends and innovations in fintech.

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International Symposium on Blockchain Advancements 2023

December 01, 2023

Palm Ballroom, Raffles Hotel, Singapore

International Symposium on Blockchain Advancements 2023

Organized by ParallelChain Lab, a Singapore company, the International Symposium on Blockchain Advancements (ISBA)  is a premier global blockchain event where world-class domain experts, officials and industry leaders gather to share their insights and navigate the challenges surrounding real-world adoption of blockchain technology.

On December 01, 2023, global industry leaders will convene to share their visions of the transformative interplay of blockchain and AI, with enlightening keynotes and panels on the real-world use cases of the intersection. ISBA 2023 will uncover novel pathways for digital evolution and reinforces Singapore’s pivotal role as a beacon of progress.

E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Singapore

December 04 – 06, 2023

Concorde Hotel Singapore, Singapore

E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Singapore

E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Singapore 2023 will take place from December 04 to 06 at the Concorde Hotel Singapore. The event promises to bring together a lineup of experts who will share in-depth knowledge on the present landscape and the impending developments in the world of e-invoicing, focusing especially on the ASEAN region and beyond.

This summit distinguishes itself by showcasing an agenda filled with eminent speakers, and it stands as a congregation of the foremost service providers specializing in e-invoicing and tax reporting. Attendees can anticipate acquiring knowledge from hands-on experiences, keeping abreast of the newest market trends, getting updates on regulations, and leveraging unparalleled networking prospects.

As for the program’s structure, the summit will commence with a workshop on Monday, December 04, 2023. Following that, attendees will delve into a series of informative conference lectures, which will be spread over the next two days on December 05 and 06.

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ISC2 Secure Asia Pacific

December 06– 07, 2023

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore



ISC2 SECURE Asia Pacific is back in person, 6 – 7 December 2023, at Singapore’s stunning Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Join us as we explore the realities shaping today’s most pressing cybersecurity challenges in the region and beyond. Guided by cyber thought leadership and shared ideas, we’ll turn real-world insights into practical actions and chart a new way forward.

Dr. Janil Puthucheary, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Health of Singapore, will be our Guest of Honour at this year’s SECURE Asia Pacific event.

Don’t miss this year’s compelling keynotes, interactive breakout sessions and exclusive networking.

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The Tech Capital Asia Finance Forum 2023

December 06 – 07, 2023

The Langham, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Tech Capital Asia Finance Forum 2023

The Tech Capital Asia Finance Forum 2023 will be held on December 06 and 07, focusing on the rapid growth of the digital infrastructure ecosystem in APAC. The event aims to bring together leaders who are at the forefront of industries like data centers, fiber, and cell towers, and offer an opportunity for attendees to gain insights, network, and keep abreast of developments in the digital infrastructure sector.

Over 35 prominent industry figures will be speaking in Jakarta on topics such as financing, investment, and regulations in the digital infrastructure sector. The forum will host boardroom sessions with expert speakers who will discuss various topics related to the digital infrastructure ecosystem. Attendees will have the chance to connect with business leaders, investors, legal professionals, and others involved in the digital infrastructure domain.

Web3BB Tokyo 2023 Winter

December 21 – 22, 2023

The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

Web3BB Tokyo 2023 Winter

Web3BB Tokyo 2023 Winter will take place on December 21 and 22 at the National Art Center in Tokyo. Organized by Web3BB, a prominent business community in Japan with a mission to connect Japan with the global tech world, the event will offer a platform where individuals will get to engage with and discuss the primary concepts of Web3, AI, and emerging technologies.

The event, marking its sixth edition, has seen consistent growth in participation over the years. Historically, Web3BB has attracted both international and domestic speakers, including representatives from major Japanese brands and lesser-known, yet significant, players in the Web3 space.

Key details about the event:

  • Expected participation of over 1,500 attendees;
  • More than 250 speakers will present and share their insights;
  • Over 30 sponsors and exhibitors; and
  • Anticipated presence of 1,000 decision-makers.