FIS Launches Atelio, a New Fintech Platform for Embedded Finance

FIS Launches Atelio, a New Fintech Platform for Embedded Finance

by May 8, 2024

Global payments service provider FIS has launched a new fintech platform named Atelio by FIS. This platform aims to provide essential tools for financial institutions, businesses, and software developers to integrate financial services into their products.

Atelio by FIS offers a suite of components that allow for the easy integration of various financial operations such as deposit collection, money transfers, card issuance, invoice sending, and advanced functions like fraud prevention, cash flow forecasting, and customer behavior analytics.

The platform ensures that these services are embedded in a secure and compliant manner, enhancing the ability of companies to offer financial solutions directly at the point of need.

The distribution of Atelio is bolstered by FIS’ extensive banking network and its strategic partnership with Worldpay, providing users comprehensive access to the financial ecosystem.

The platform has already seen adoption by notable early users including KeyBank, College Ave, and RoyalPay Inc., who are utilising Atelio to expand their financial service offerings.

The launch of Atelio by FIS comes at a time when the demand for embedded finance is rapidly increasing.

According to Bain Capital, the sector is expected to account for 10% of transactions, valued at approximately US$7 trillion, generating over US$50 billion in revenue by 2026.

Atelio is designed to leverage FIS’ extensive history in financial innovation and its broad technology and service capabilities, offering these as a service to enable new customer experiences.

This approach not only benefits banks and financial service partners by extending their reach but also supports their growth.

Research from S&P Global Intelligence indicates that banks engaging in embedded finance typically see higher deposit growth compared to their peers.

Tarun Bhatnagar

Tarun Bhatnagar

“Atelio by FIS is our vision to lead where fintech is going, which is outside the boundaries of how businesses enable, and their customers consume, financial services today. More than just a new solution, Atelio is built to lend the expertise, tools and distribution so that our users and clients can focus on creating.


Our scale, distribution and continued investment in technology have given us the foundation to unlock our financial capabilities to a wider audience and power the next generation of financial innovation.”

said Tarun Bhatnagar, President of Platform and Enterprise Products at FIS.