7 Things You Need to Know About Singapore’s Digital Banking Licenses

Following the announcement and issuing of Hong Kong’s virtual banking license, Singapore has announced their intentions to launch the same; to allow entities without banking parentage to conduct banking activities. Digital banks generally refers to banking entities that operate without

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Mobile Wallet GCash Leads in Filipino Market

With more than 5 million downloads from Google Play, GCash is not only one of the Philippines most popular mobile banking apps, it is also one of the cheapest banking services providers, requiring no minimum maintaining balance compared to other

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Sumitomo Life Buys 25% Stake in Singapore Life for US$ 90 Million

Singapore Life seems to be a on a streak, as they raise yet another round funding this year. In this round, the homegrown insurtech company secure US$ 90 Million investment from Sumitomo Life Insurance company. Through this transaction Sumitomo Life

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