HPS eBook | Seamless Evolution: Transforming Financial Institutions with Cloud-Powered Digital-First Strategies for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Seamless Evolution



This eBook sets out the unique opportunity provided by cloud-based payment platforms for financial institutions (FIs) and merchants around the world as the payments industry moves toward a Digital-First delivery.

Through prudent adoption of modern and innovative solutions, which provide a genuine end-to-end package service, firms, whether large or small, can address a number of key challenges they face today:

  • Consumers are increasingly demanding, they expect to be able to do more,faster and with seamless customer experience without compromising on cost, trust or security.
  • Due to current economic conditions and prevailing interest rates, there is a much higher cost of capital, which means that technology projects have a renewed focus on capital efficiency and shorter horizons for commercial returns.
  • The regulatory environment is complex, changeable and with significant regional variations, making it difficult to design products to be scaled over multiple jurisdictions.