Digital Assets Asia 2023

Digital Assets Asia 2023

by January 10, 2023

Topics that will be covered in Digital Assets Asia 2023 hosted by Regulation Asia include:

  • Risk, Resilience and Integrity: The Role of Regulation in a Post-FTX World
  • Exchange Wars: Detecting and Disrupting Future Cross-Market Abuses
  • Risk, Reporting and Hedging: Risk Management for Crypto Assets
  • What’s Next for Digital Assets? Institutional DeFi and Project Guardian
  • Trust but Verify: Moving Beyond Traditional KYC
  • Shades of Grey: Risks and Rewards of Dealing with FATF Grey Lists and Nascent Emerging Regulatory Frameworks
  • From Freeze to Cease: Asset Recovery for Digital Assets in Asia
  • Tax Reporting in the Crypto Space: Unanswered Questions and Global Compliance
  • Emerging Typologies: The Nexus between NFTs, Fraud, ML and Terrorism Financing
  • State-Backed Bad Actors: Trends in Sanctions Busting and Cybercrime

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