Europe & Asia: Use of Open Banking

Europe & Asia: Use of Open Banking

by May 20, 2020

On May 27, experts from Standard Chartered Bank, Zuhlke Engineering, and Upside will gather for an Evening Talks @Zuhlke webinar to discuss the emerging use and new opportunities brought in by open banking.

This webinar is intended to provide business leaders in the financial sector with a perspective on the evolving open banking situation and discuss how they can rethink business models and strategies, work with ecosystem partners, and leverage on digital solutions and services to better serve their customers’ needs.

On this panel discussion, the experts will take in questions from the audience and discuss topics around:

  • What can we learn from what has been done in UK?
  • State of open banking in Asia
  • Expert insights, solutions, and experience of working/building open banking solutions
  • Challenges of building open banking solutions in each region
  • Use cases of open banking across borders
  • Technology readiness and regulators
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