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Grow Revenue via Increased Transaction Completion Rates & Higher Approvals

September 23, 2021


September 23, 2021
Grow Revenue via Increased Transaction Completion Rates & Higher Approvals

netcetera webinar
Join industry leaders Visa, Netcetera and Cherri Tech Inc. as they delve into how banks or card issuers can meet the evolving expectations of cardholders and offer protection against card fraud during online payments.

In this talk, they will discuss the following:

  • How Netcetera’s 3-D Secure Issuer Service comprehensive set of modules enables card issuers & banks to authenticate a cardholder in case of online payment transaction with highest accuracy.
  • Robust security: How Strong Customer Authentication supports a variety of authentication methods such as out of band (OOB) combined with biometrics or PIN and one-time passcodes (OTP) combined with an answer to a security question.
  • Reduce fraud: by the Cherri Tech Inc. Risk Engine making real-time assessments of the transaction risk level. It involves the customer for verification only if the risk is not low enough. In any other case, customers enjoys the most seamless checkout experience possible.
  • Higher approval rates: Merchants send extensive data regarding each transaction, allowing the issuer to determine whether or not to challenge a customer for authentication. 3DS2 expands the list of intelligence to be collected by a factor of ten so that the issuer can evaluate a transaction’s risk more accurately. Therefore, card schemes expect a high percentage of transactions to be authenticated without challenge.
  • Increased conversion rates: Everything above mentioned contributes to the significant reduction of cart abandonment rates facilitated by reduced payment transaction time, absence of explicit redirect and migration of the password related risks.

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