Regtech Startups in Singapore

Regtech Startups in Singapore

Discover 49 RegTech Startups in Singapore – Streamlining Compliance, Securing Financial Services, and more.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - AIDA

AiDA is a leading provider of AI and machine learning solutions for the banking and insurance sector in Asia.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Apiax

Apiax is a Swiss RegTech company that provides digital solutions to help financial institutions comply with complex regulations worldwide.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Apvera

Apvera helps businesses protect their networks from known and unknown threats by detecting anomalies in user behavior and data flow.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Artius Global

Artius Global is a Singapore-based provider of regulatory compliance solutions, including substantial shareholding disclosure.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Backpack

Backpack is a conversational AI messaging platform that allows enterprises to automate their back-office workflows and interact with customers via text messaging and voice. It normalizes data from different sources and allows enterprises to get closer to customers and receive vital business information.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Basis ID

BASIS ID provides a balanced solution for identification, verification, and management of personal data, making it simple, effective, and secure for both businesses and individuals.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Bluemeg

BlueMeg is a fast-growing SaaS company that provides the world’s first entity management and governance platform. It helps businesses save time and money by automating complex corporate governance tasks.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Centenal

CENTENAL provides software to help compliance professionals understand and implement complex regulations.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Compliy

Compliy is a global RegTech company that automates compliance and risk management workflows for businesses in APAC. Its cloud-based SaaS platform uses AI to read and extract regulatory data, configure business rules, and assess risk, helping businesses save up to 50% of time spent on manual compliance work.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - ComplyAdvantage

ComplyAdvantage is a real-time financial crime risk detection platform that helps businesses stay compliant with Sanctions, AML, and CTF regulations.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Cygnetise

Cygnetise is a blockchain-based platform that helps organizations manage their signatory lists, bank mandates, and other sensitive data securely and efficiently.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Cynopsis

Cynopsis is a daily media news newsletter that helps executives stay informed about the digital and traditional media landscape. It is known for its qualified and engaged audience, making it a valuable resource for businesses and candidates.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Datarama

Datarama is a RegTech platform that helps businesses assess risk and opportunity in emerging markets. It combines advanced technology with human analysis to streamline the traditional risk-consulting model, making compliance checks cheaper and faster.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Dathena

Dathena is an AI-driven data discovery and classification platform that helps businesses identify, classify, and control their sensitive data to reduce risks and enhance data protection.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Deep Identity

Deep Identity provides comprehensive and innovative identity management, compliance management, and data governance solutions. Its layered approach enables better visibility and controls, automating compliance management in a cost-effective manner.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Elliptic

Elliptic is a leading provider of crypto compliance solutions, helping businesses to protect themselves from financial crime.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Finchat

FinChat is a web-based and mobile-based compliance tool that monitors business chats while keeping private chats private. It allows employees to engage with clients through popular messaging apps while staying audit-compliant, secure, and mobile.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Handshakes

Handshakes is a DataTech company that helps clients make safer, more informed decisions by delivering meaningful insights from reliable data.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Horangi

Horangi is a cybersecurity company that builds partnerships with its customers to develop and implement security strategies that help them achieve their objectives.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Instacheck

Instacheck is a mobile KYC software and compliance consultation provider for NBFIs. It offers instant KYC checks on companies and persons against cautioned lists under UN, US OFAC, UK, EU, CA, AU, and SZ. It is a bite-sized solution that is appropriate for small financial firms.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - IOTECH LAB

IoTech Lab was established in 2018 in Singapore. We provide AML/KYC, Transaction Monitoring and Fraud Prevention solutions, in a modular PaaS (Platform as a Service) for digital businesses (Finance and FinTech, Digital assets, Gaming, Legal and Real Estate) worldwide.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Jumio

Jumio is an identity verification and eKYC platform that helps businesses fight fraud, onboard customers faster, and meet regulatory compliance. It uses AI, biometrics, machine learning, and liveness detection to verify identities from over 200 countries and territories.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer provides next-generation digital onboarding solutions for financial institutions and regulated organizations around the world. Its platform centralizes the onboarding process and enables businesses to perform all necessary KYC and AML checks efficiently, securely, and digitally.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Lymon

Lymon provides one-stop compliance solutions for financial institutions, helping them navigate the constantly changing regulatory environment.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Mangtas

Singapore’s best-design RegTech solutions: powered by AI & internationally Singapore’s best-design RegTech solutions: powered by AI & internationally scalable.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - MyComplianceOffice

MCO provides compliance management software to help companies reduce their risk of misconduct. Its SaaS-based platform is easy to use and extensible, and it can be deployed quickly and cost-efficiently.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - MERKLE SCIENCE

Merkle Science provides blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions to cryptoasset service providers, financial institutions, and government agencies.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Napier

Napier is a compliance technology platform that helps businesses increase efficiency and minimize risk by combining big data, AI, and machine learning. It is user-friendly and scales to meet the needs of any business, regardless of sector.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - NetGuardians

NetGuardians is an award-winning Swiss FinTech that helps banks fight fraud with AI. It prevents fraudulent payments in real time, reduces false positives by up to 83%, and helps banks detect new fraud cases.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - OneSpan

OneSpan is a RegTech company that enables financial institutions and other organizations to succeed in digital transformation by establishing trust in people, devices, and transactions. Its unified, open platform reduces costs, accelerates customer acquisition, and increases customer satisfaction.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Onfido

Onfido is an AI-powered identity verification company that helps businesses onboard customers remotely and securely.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - PayShield

PayShield is a RegTech company that provides AI-powered eCommerce fraud and chargeback management solutions. It was founded in 2018 by payment industry veterans Daryn Griggs and Bruce Parker.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - RADICALi

RADICALi is a Singaporean RegTech firm that helps financial services companies proactively address regulatory change with its SaaS solution, MICA. MICA is an intelligent compliance assistant that makes it easier for compliance teams to track and assess regulations.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Refinitiv

Refinitiv is a global financial markets data and infrastructure provider that helps businesses drive performance in trading, investment, wealth management, and more.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Regtank

Regtank is a Singapore-headquartered RegTech company that simplifies compliance for the next generation. Its team of seasoned professionals from financial institutions and technology firms has a deep understanding of compliance in one of the most competitive financial centers in the world.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - RisikoTek

RisikoTek automates, detects, and uncovers financial crime using AI and data analytics to understand complex global networks and identify suspicious patterns.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Scalend

SCALEND is a PayPal-incubated SaaS solution that helps e-commerce merchants increase conversions by generating data-driven insights from traffic, sales, and cart data. It uses AI to provide advanced insights on channel performance, cross-sell/up-sell, cart abandonment, payment refunds, etc.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - SHIELD

SHIELD helps world-leading enterprises build trust and safety by stopping fraud and abuse. Our products span fraud prevention, network security, credit intelligence, and identity verification. Trusted across all continents by enterprises such as Razer, Alibaba, and BEAT, we protect over seven billion devices and 500 million user accounts every year.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Silent Eight

Silent Eight is a technology company leveraging AI to create custom compliance models for the world’s leading financial institutions. Our mission is to empower our clients in their fight to eliminate financial crime. Founded in Singapore and with global hubs in New York, London, and Warsaw, we are deployed in over 150 markets.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - The Secured ID

The Secured ID is a RegTech company that uses digital identity technology and facial recognition to help financial institutions assess the risks associated with digital identities. This reduces fraud and helps to ensure that people are who they claim to be. The Secured ID’s verification processes can be customized to fit each financial institution’s risk levels and needs.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Tookitaki

Tookitaki is a regtech startup that uses machine learning and distributed systems to create sustainable compliance management solutions. Its AMLS and RS suites have been used by FIs globally to prevent money laundering and automate large-scale banking reconciliations.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Uppsala Security

Uppsala Security built the Sentinel Protocol, a crowdsourced threat intelligence platform powered by blockchain technology. It helps organizations meet their crypto security needs and comply with cybersecurity standards.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - U-Reg

U-Reg is a Singaporean FinTech company that provides AI-powered KYC-AML RegTech solutions. Its platform automates the exchange of regulatory documents and structures KYC data using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This eliminates the need for repetitive manual document exchange and enables continuous KYC. U-Reg also structures essential KYC data, which brings significant cost reductions and efficiency gains to clients.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - V-Key

V-Key is a global leader in software based digital security, and is the inventor of V-OS, the world’s first virtual secure element. FIPS 140-2 Validated and accredited by IMDA, V-Key’s Security, Authorization, and Verification solutions are used widely across banking and government mobile and digital platforms across the region.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Vesta

Vesta is a leading FinTech company that provides guaranteed e-commerce payment solutions. It pioneered fully guaranteed card-not-present (CNP) payment transactions and has expanded its data science and machine learning capabilities globally.

Vesta’s scalable solutions enable merchants to eliminate fraud and grow revenue by delivering secure, frictionless transactions that maximize acceptance and improve the customer experience, all backed by a zero-fraud-liability guarantee.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - VOXSMART

VoxSmart is a RegTech company that helps businesses mitigate business risks by extracting critical insights from communication data in near real-time. Its capture and surveillance solutions collect data from all sources, including phone calls, emails, mobiles, and WhatsApp, into one single monitoring platform.

VoxSmart serves a global client base of top banks and inter-dealer brokers, and offers a comprehensive suite of products to address the key challenges of data integration, processing, and analytics for the financial community.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - Wise AI

WISE AI is a leading AI company in Southeast Asia, with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. It provides facial recognition, eKYC, and Smart City solutions to customers from various industries. WISE AI also works closely with universities, government agencies, and R&D organizations to nurture local AI talents.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Regtech - ZignSec

ZignSec is a B2B2C regulatory technology company that develops and operates an identity verification platform enabling instant verification of people in more than 240+ countries through a single integration. We help regulated and non-regulated businesses to innovate and simplify their identification and compliance workflows.