Remittance Startups in Singapore

Remittance Startups in Singapore

Explore a diverse range of 16 Remittance startups in Singapore, based on the Singapore Fintech Startup Map 2022, transforming cross-border payments, remittances, and financial services.

List of Remittance Startups in Singapore


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - Chynge

Chynge uses cutting-edge technology to transform cross-border payments. Their flagship product, Chynge Central, offers instant, free, and secure money transfers. With a unique multi-sided payments network, Chynge democratizes payments, reduces regulatory risks, and supports community development.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair addresses the challenges of international money transfers. Expats, overseas property owners, and SMEs often face high spreads and hefty fees, impacting their transactions. CurrencyFair, as a regulated entity, ensures security and, when necessary, liquidity to ensure safe and efficient service delivery.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - EMQ

EMQ operates a global financial settlement network, offering businesses a faster, cost-effective, and transparent cross-border settlement solution. Their flexible infrastructure can be applied across various industries, such as e-commerce, merchant settlement, procurement, remittance, insurance, trade settlement, and payroll, while ensuring compliance with diverse market regulations.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - KOKU

KOKU is an FX tech enabler, empowering non-bank money transfer operators for more efficient and cost-effective remittance and FX services. Founded in 2016, KOKU is supported by investors from Decent Capital who share the vision of inclusive financial sector growth through innovative technology and business structuring for non-bank institutions.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - MDAQ

Pioneers in the creation of a new sustainable ecosystem for multi-currency trading on a cross-border basis. M-DAQ builds over-the-top (OTT) applications to facilitate cross-border business for various industries since 2010. M-DAQ achieves this through our proprietary data technology and support from ⅔ of the world’s foreign exchange providers.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - MyCashOnline

MyCash Online is empowering migrants in Malaysia and Singapore with secure, convenient e-services. We’re dedicated to providing 24/7 online solutions for foreign workers who lack access to traditional banking. With years of experience serving this community, we offer tailored services and make their first experience memorable. From bus and air tickets to mobile top-ups and bill payments, we ensure an easy, secure, and accurate online service in just three simple steps.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - Pay2Home

Pay2Home is a cross-border payment specialist, offering a bank-alternative for money transfers to 50+ global destinations. Their mission is to set industry standards by providing excellent service at competitive prices for both customers and supporting businesses.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - Remsea

Remsea, founded in 2018, simplifies cross-border money transfers and payments in Southeast Asia. They handle over S$3 million in monthly transactions and plan to offer multi-currency wallets for foreign educational institutions. Customized financial solutions are also available.

Customized financial solutions available for discussion.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - SingX

SingX, a Singapore fintech startup, founded by ex-bankers, is revolutionizing cross-border payments. They offer a cheaper, faster, and more convenient online platform, saving consumers from high fees. By enabling digital registration and mobile payments, SingX enhances the customer experience and leverages technology for a better future in cross-border transactions.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - SwapIt

SwapIt is an online money transfer platform offering attractive FX rates and low fees. Founded by a group of innovators who recognized that connecting people to exchange different currencies directly cuts out intermediaries like banks and money changers. They aim to provide a seamless and cost-effective currency exchange experience.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - ThinMargin

Thin Margin, Singapore’s 24/7 online money-changer, holds licenses from MAS and STB. They earned the 2018 Singapore FinTech Award from MAS and ABS.

Their origin story, though cliché, rings true. Despite numerous cashless options, they recognize cash as the most reliable and cost-effective method for overseas payments, even in the bustling CBD where accessing foreign currencies can be cumbersome.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - Thunes

Thunes, a B2B cross-border payments network, operates globally, linking payment systems in 100+ countries and 60 currencies. Their solutions facilitate financial inclusion, serving mobile wallet providers, tech firms, PSPs, money transfer operators, and banks. They offer four key payment solutions: remittance processing, mass payouts, virtual accounts for corporate growth, and cross-border business payments.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - Tik FX

Transfer money to over 14 countries at the best exchange rates straight from your mobile with Tik FX. It’s fast, secure and convenient with a network of over 400 banks/mobile wallet and more than 15,000 cash-pickup points.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - TranSwap

TranSwap is a B2B Fintech Platform for Cross-Border Transactions. The licensed technology simplifies global financial transactions for businesses, offering e-banking, FX services, cross-border payments, debit card options (Mastercard, Visa, Union Pay, Ali Pay), wallets, reporting, and administrative support across 180 currencies in 120 countries.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - Xendity

Established in 2017, Xendity founded with over a decade of experience in remittance, compliance, money transfer, global payout to provide a seamless experience by onboarding and authenticating customers.


Fintech Startups in Singapore - Remittance - Zhongguo Remittance

Zhongguo Remittance Pte Ltd, established in 1999, is Singapore’s pioneer remittance company offering services to China. It has expanded globally, serving Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, the US, and more. With a dedicated team, the company is known for its professional and efficient remittance services, building a reliable global network through strong partnerships.