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Payoneer Allows Global Companies to Make Cross-Border Payments Quickly, Securely and at Reduced Cost

Payoneer brings in one place a number of payment options and allows online marketplaces and global companies to transfer fund and pay service providers located in various parts of the world in a faster manner, at lower fees and with

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Asia Pacific to Become the Largest E-Commerce Market in the World

Asia Pacific’s e-commerce industry has been “explosive,” generating over US$567 billion in total transactions in 2014 with China contributing US$440 billion, surpassing the US with US$140 billion. In the next five years, the region will most likely set the agenda

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Mobile Phone Continues to Be Vietnam’s No. 1 Device for Internet Use

Mobile use in Vietnam has significantly increased Internet penetration and growth in e-commerce, a new report says. According to Moore Coorporation’s latest ‘Vietnam Digital Landscape 2015’ report, Vietnam is experiencing meaningful growth in Internet penetration, all thanks to mobile phones.

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