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Fintech Money Transfer Startups Eye Vietnamese Remittance Market

Vietnam currently stands as one of the top ten remittance recipient countries in the world. In 2014, more than US$12 billion have been remitted to the country, making it the 9th largest remittance recipient, according to a World Bank report.

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SuperCharger Accelerator Aims To Help Fintech Startups And Established Companies Expand In Asia

Standard Chartered, Baidu and co-working space operator Tuspark Global Network (TGN) have teamed up to launch SuperCharger, an 12-week accelerator program dedicated to fintech startups and established global companies looking to expand in Asia. Based in Hong Kong, SuperCharger seeks

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UK Fintech Startup Secco Wants To ‘Reboot’ Banking

You think a bank needs a branch or an app? Think again, because UK-based Secco will offer none of these, and not even an interface actually. Instead, Secco will operate as an underlying service hidden in all the apps we

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