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Filipino Startup PaidUp Seeks To Reinvent How We Order And Pay For Food And Beverages

Mobile payments app PaidUp seeks to reinvent how people order and shop for food, drinks and services by allowing consumers to prepay their purchases in return for exclusive discounts, rewards and special services. The first pre-pay mobile wallet app in

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12 Philippine Fintech Startups to Keep an Eye on

The Philippines has one of the highest population growth in Southeast Asia and remains a strong economic performer in the region, despite slow global growth. That shouldn’t last too long, though, as HSBC predicts that in 2050, the Philippines should

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Tagcash: Social Media, Payments and Loyalty Programs Combined into One Platform

UK native entrepreneur is looking to provide a solution for micropayments in Southeast Asia, starting with the Philippines. With Tagcash Ltd. Inc., founder and president Mark Vernon is offering a platform and ecosystem that combines social media and payment functionalities.

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