Globcoin – The Digital Wallet that all Expats and Travellers Should Try

Managing your finances in a foreign country can seem impossible, especially if you don’t speak the language. It’s hard enough figuring out the local exchange rate, let alone choosing the best way to store your money as you travel, the

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3 Must-Have Fintech/Finance Apps for Expats in HCMC

Possibly the first thing you think about as an expat is money – how to manage it, where to store it, how to earn it, how to move it, etc. And as any expat in Ho Chi Minh will tell you, navigating the

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CurrenSeek Enables Travellers to Compare and Locate the Best FOREX Exchange Providers

Malaysian startup CurrenSeek is a location-based currency exchange app that helps travellers compare and locate the moneychangers with the best rates. The company claims that travellers can save up to 200% of their travel money using the service. Created by

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