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Are Digital Banks the Catalyst in Making Embedded Finance the New Norm in Asian Finance?
Unlocking a US$3.6 trillion opportunity! Join us as industry leaders discuss the potential of embedded finance and its impact on financial inclusion.
Fortifying Financial Frontlines. Insider Insights on Fraud Prevention
Arm yourself with the latest insights from industry insiders on strategies to protect your consumers from fraud.
How FSIs of The Future Are Reimagining Digital Experiences
These days the majority of our touch points are through digital channels – which is why digital experiences will likely make or break your customer attrition rates. From onboarding all the way to interacting with your digital channels, how should banks and fintechs of the future shape great user experiences? Join practitioners from leading digital first organisations as we discuss winning strategies to win the hearts and minds of Asia’s digital generation.
Battling the Rise of Cyber Threats in Financial Services in 2023_BANNER
It is no secret that banks are a valuable target for cybercriminals, a BCG report estimates that banks are 300 times more likely to be targeted than other industries.
Tackling ESG’s Biggest Challenges in the FSI Sector_YT (2)
As the climate emergency heightens, the need for financial service providers to embrace ESG becomes more and more urgent. Beyond being the ethical thing to do ESG is also becoming a key driver for financial performance driven by both investor and consumer demand. Join us in the webinar to learn the ESG journeys of some of Asia’s leading organisations.
Modernising BFSI Sales Force for a New Digital Era
The banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry was forcibly plunged into remote working arrangements for the past few years due to the pandemic. Remote work will most likely still be the norm in the BFSI sector but perhaps to a lesser extent given the many regulatory and compliance complexities that need to be untangled.
Decoding The Future of The Platform Economy for Banks
The experience of the modern customers is no longer benchmarked against competing banks but rather the bigtechs and the superapps of the world. In order to keep up, your bank needs to be a hub of a broad financial ecosystem, with your customers at the helm – making a platform strategy essential.
How AI is Reshaping Lending in Asia Pacific
Artificial Intelligence is often touted as one of the most transformative tools for lending; from enabling financial services providers to drive inclusive finance, to fraud prevention and improving customer relationships.
Digital Identity - New Realities for Financial Services in 2022_YT
At the heart of the digital revolution for the financial services industry is digital identity. From creating seamless customer experiences to battling cybersecurity threats, getting your digital identity strategy right is crucial.

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