Is BNPL a Force for Good or Evil?

Is BNPL a Force for Good or Evil?

Is BNPL a Force for Good or Evil?

by July 8, 2021


Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is arguably one of the hottest trends to arrive in the South East Asian market and it’s easy to see the appeal. For merchants, it is an easy way to increase conversion and for consumers, it grants them the instant gratification of being able to purchase something immediately by making several interest-free installments.

However, detractors have come out en masse to describe BNPL as a worrying trend that promotes unhealthy consumerism. The rising popularity has also caught the attention of regulators as well, with MAS issuing a public statement that they will be “reviewing the appropriate regulatory approach”.

In this webinar, we discuss whether BNPL is a force for good or evil.

  • Are concerns about BNPL exaggerated or warranted?
  • Should BNPL be regulated
  • How will BNPL evolve


  • Dom Braun, Managing Director of APAC, Episode Six
  • Arvin Singh, COO and Co-Founder, hoolah
  • Suraya Zainudin, Financial Activist, Founder Ringgit Oh Ringgit
  • Kevin Lee, CEO Malaysia, GHL