Virtual Banking

Calm Down, Grab Isn’t Trying to Become a Bank—Not in the Way You’re Thinking, at Least

Followers of this page are well aware that Grab, one of Singapore’s premier unicorns, has dabbled in many different areas of fintech-fuelled offerings in its drive to become what it self-describes as a “super app”. Most recently though, it seems

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As Challenger Banks Grow In Popularity, Incumbents Must Innovate

Using technology and digital channels, challenger banks are reimagining banking, delivering superior digital customer experience and challenging incumbents to reinvent themselves. These are growing in importance and incumbents must “transform themselves from slow moving caterpillars to agile butterflies,” according to

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Singapore is Now Considering Virtual Banking Licenses Too—Here’s Why

The now famous Hong Kong virtual banking licenses have been a bit of a mixed bag for the region, but nevertheless, it’s gotten a lot of attention. To date, four licensees will be ready to go to market before the year

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