Fintech Events & Webinar Calendar

Fintech Events & Webinar Calendar

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  • Mon

    Searching for Mana – Featuring Larry Smith, Founder + CEO, Provenir

    Credit decisioning is not just about risk, but also about opportunity and growth. Listen in as Provenir’s Founder and CEO, Larry Smith, sits down with The Fintech Times to discuss what it takes to build a successful fintech/finserv business (and it’s not just about raising capital!), how curiosity, optimism and the desire for collaboration can be superpowers in an entrepreneur, and why Artificial Intelligence may be the next great industrial revolution.

    Whether you’re looking to further scale your successful fintech business, or you’re a start-up entrepreneur in need of some inspiration, this podcast will help you discover new ways to grow your business and think big picture about your operations.

    Discover how Provenir grew to processing over two billion credit risk decisions a year and hear about the early days of working with BNPL giant Klarna.

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  • Sat

    The global BNPL market is expected to grow upwards of 400% by 2025, with a 200% increase in use of BNPL services during Covid-19. While the market opportunity continues to grow so does the competition, with the landscape quickly becoming cluttered as more and more providers and products arrive on the scene.

    What can you do to ensure your BNPL technology is future-proof? Advanced technologies can help you respond to market needs quickly, manage risk more effectively, adapt to rapidly changing regulations, and better serve customers and their needs throughout the entire lifecycle.

    Listen today as Klarna, Paywerk and Provenir chat with The Fintech Times about all things BNPL and discover:

    • How the use of alternative data can help you serve more consumers and encourage greater financial inclusion
    • Why balancing customer experience and frictionless onboarding with compliance and fraud prevention is key
    • What the future holds for BNPL – are impending regulations and increasing partnerships with traditional lenders a positive or a negative?

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