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Fintech Events & Webinar Calendar

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Event Information:

  • Fri

    MJAC & CryptoCompare London Blockchain Summit




    Join the pioneers, innovators and thought leaders of the blockchain industry at our one-day conference. Alongside an exhibition of eminent and emerging companies that are making waves in the blockchain industry, the conference will examine all aspects of the blockchain industry, including:

    • What is blockchain and how it is changing the world we live in
    • Blockchain and banking
    • Cryptocurrency exchanges
    • How to list a new digital currency
    • Investment funds and Bitcoin
    • Blockchain and its applications in the gaming eco-system
    • How to mine, buy and trade digital currencies
    • Wallets and how to store your cryptocurrencies safely
    • Bitcoin Futures – How to trade them
    • Governance in blockchain
    • The latest blockchain innovations and ICOs
    • The future of blockchain and its applications


    Tickets: £100

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