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Fintech Events & Webinar Calendar

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  • Fri

    Future Banking Presents: How Blockchain Is Changing the World

    For this webinar, leading female blockchain experts will share how this cutting edge technology is set to impact many industries.

    Participants will get to learn how blockchain can solve pain points in a number of businesses, what new products to expect in 2020, and more.

    Panelists on the night will include Mame-Yaa Bonsu, founder of MYB Ventures, a fintech and blockchain advisory; Dr Amber Ghaddar, founder of AllianceBlock; Dr. Tara Shirvani, disruptive technologies global lead at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (ERBD); Dr Maria G. Vigliotti, founder of Sandblocks Consulting, and CEO of Grabdase; Jane Orafu, founder of Bitcoin Mandates; and Paulette Watson, founder and managing director of Academy Achievers.