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  • Thu

    Fostering Winning Partnerships in the Open Banking Ecosystem

    ostering Winning Partnerships in the Open Banking Ecosystem

    New business models and opportunities are emerging in financial services, and these are underpinned by new principles of openness, flexibility, and agility. As we see more traditional institutions opening up, what are the opportunities and challenges for strategic partnerships in the open banking ecosystem to create new offerings as well as open up new, scalable revenue streams?

    How can banks, fintech start-ups, and ecosystem partners foster a collaborative mindset and seize this opportunity to build the next generation business models and attractive value propositions through successful alliances?

    What's on in this session:

    On this panel discussion, we will take in questions from the audience and discuss topics around:

    • State of open banking in Asia
    • What are the partnership and collaboration opportunities in the ecosystem?
    • How are players working together to tackle challenges in the sector?
    • Expert insights, solutions, and experience on accelerating innovation in the open banking ecosystem

    Featuring speakers:

    • Ankit Suri, CEO and Founder at Planto
    • Jason O'Shaughnessy, Senior VP of Sales at Salt Edge
    • Marie Steinthaler, APAC VP at TrueLayer

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