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  • Wed

    Increase your Online Conversion Rate with EMV 3-D Secure Technology

    Join this free webinar to discover how PSPs, acquirers and merchants in South East Asia benefit from EMV 3-D Secure technology!

    The usage of mobile devices for online shopping has grown exponentially in the region. Customers expect seamless online shopping within the comfort of their favorite device. Fraudsters, on the other hand, are trying to take advantage of the increase in e-commerce transactions across different devices.

    The EMV 3-D Secure technology lets e-commerce players offer superior customer experience while keeping fraudsters at bay.

    In this webinar, Netcetera will show PSPs, merchants and acquirers how to use the EMV 3-D Secure technology to:

    • Increase conversion rates using risk-based authentication
    • Decrease transaction abandonments by reducing friction for users and
    • Improve the overall shopping experience using native authentication screens
    • Benefit from liability shifts and protect your revenues

    During the webinar, you will learn how version 2.0 improves over 3-D Secure 1.0 and how to take advantage of the scheme mandates to reap the benefits of the 2.0 technology.

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