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  • Wed

    The Future of Payments

    Thales -The Future of Payments

    This panel discussion will cover three topics for discussion

    • The Future of Compliance - The data security compliance and regulation challenges alone are daunting for banking and financial services firms. Panelist to share what their outlook on financial services and institute mandates especially on data and compliance towards the rise in fintech and digital banks.
    • The Future of Payment Data - To protect their reputation banking and financial services firms and their executives must safeguard critical financial data from exposure. Panelist discuss the challenges facing traditional banks, digital banks, fintech and ecommerce enterprises dealing with thousands and millions of transactions per day.
    • The Future of Financial Technology and Threats - As the generation move into a cashless society, the needs for more integration and updated technology is expected. Panelist their outlook on the future of payment technologies and their recommendations on keeping up with the future of payment


    Mangala Martinus, Managing Director, Payments Consulting Network, Australia


    • Bharat Panchal, Chief Risk Officer, FIS India, Middle East and Africa
    • Atul Bhuchar, Executive Director & Group Payments Head, GTS DBS Bank
    • Abhisek Arun, Chief Operating Officer, Paytm Payments Bank
    • Simon Keates, Head of Strategy, Payment Security, Thales DIS CPL
    • Stuart Houston, Director, Financial Services APAC, Google Cloud

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