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    Crypto and Compliance: How to Hodl* Your License to Operate

    How to Hodl* Your License to OperateIn recent years, cryptocurrencies and virtual assets have grown in popularity amongst institutional and retail investors and there has been a boom in new crypto providers coming to market. This has been coupled with an increased regulatory focus that aims to prevent the misuse of virtual assets for money laundering and terrorist financing, similar to the framework that governs traditional financial institutions and instruments.
    However, the global nature and client base of virtual asset service providers mean it can be challenging to understand what standards and regulations apply. This means that cryptocurrencies, often operating with very lean compliance teams, need to find agile and efficient ways to carry out onboarding and due diligence processes to allow them to manage the scale of the millions of customers and transactions that move through their platforms on a monthly basis.
    Join Refinitiv and some of the world’s leading cryptocurrency providers to discuss:
    • Emerging cryptocurrency regulations: interpreting the latest FATF guidance and ‘travel rule’
    • Manage onboarding and due diligence compliance challenges
    • What does good looks like? Best practices for implementing efficient, automated and scalable screening

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