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  • Thu

    Mind Games: How Social Engineering Threatens Digital Channels

    How Social Engineering Threatens Digital Channels

    While the industry battles cyber threats with the latest sophisticated systems and technologies, one critical area that often doesn’t get enough attention is the threat of social engineering.

    As the age old adage goes, security is only as strong as your weakest links and untrained staff and customers often are the weakest link.

    Financial institutions need to keep up with the ever evolving techniques of cybercriminals.

    This webinar aims to gain insights from Asia’s leading institutions on how they protect their customers and users from the threat of social engineering.

    • The latest social engineering attack methods
    • Current fraud trends around social engineering and how to combat them
    • Industry best practices and use cases

    Confirmed Speakers

    • Gabby Tomas, Chief Risk Officer and Risk Management Group Head at Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)
    • Steven Sim Kok Leong, President, ISACA Singapore Chapter
    • Izzat Aziz, Director - Technology, Risk and Cybersecurity, KPMG
    • Ben Balthazar Senior Fraud Consultant, OneSpan

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