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    SMU MITB Virtual Masterclass Trending Fintech Opportunities: Succeed or Succumb!


    SMU MITB Virtual Masterclass Trending Fintech Opportunities Succeed or Succumb!
    The continuing Fintech up trend offers untapped opportunities not just to technopreneurs but to those who are able to spot the digital opportunities. In 2021, investments in Financial Services topped US$134bn (Crunchbase Jan 4 2022) and was the highest when compared to the other sectors.

    One can be a passive observer of fintech trends, which means you are likely to succumb to the tide of change, and let these opportunities shape you; or you can choose to reinvent yourself to succeed by taking on the rising tide of opportunities.

    In this masterclass, Dr. Patrick Thng, Fintech & Analytics Director of the highly ranked MITB programme in Asia & former Managing Director and Chief Information Officer of leading digital winning banks such as DBS and the World Bank; and co-founder of several fintech startups will share his deep industry insights. More importantly, he will offer tips on how to reinvent and reskill for success. As former CEO of GW, Jack Welch said “If you do not control your own destiny, others will”.

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