Top 5 Fintech Philippines News of the Week (CW 40)

Top 5 Fintech Philippines News of the Week (CW 40)

by October 6, 2017

Fintechnews.PH picks every Friday for you the top 5 Fintech Philippines News of the week:
Here we go:


What role does the Philippines play in helping international startups?

Outsourcing business processes to the Philippines has kept the dream alive for many startup founders and small business owners. (Read more)


Introducing the company that uses your digital footprint to calculate credit ratings

The growth of fintech may have taken some by surprise in Southeast Asia, a region were 264 million people – just under half of its population – do not have bank accounts. (Read more)


Why SEA Governments should adopt Blockchain

Blockchain is becoming the technology platform of choice of many newly-founded startups for a variety of reasons. (Read more)


How FinTech uses technology to help the ‘unserved’

TrueMoney, a new financial technology player, seeks to have one TrueMoney center in each of the country’s more than 42,000 barangays to serve those who need a remittance network but have no bank accounts. (Read more)


New Report Emphasizes Importance of Fintech in Improving Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion 2017 report

Fintech has the potential to dramatically improve financial inclusion, according to a report by the Brookings Institution, an American research group. (Read more)