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2C2P is the leading SEA payment service provider that offers omni-channel payment solutions, allowing merchants to accept local and international payments through credit and debit cards, bank channels (ATMs, iBanking and mBanking) and cash acceptance via payment counters. With our comprehensive solution, merchants can now transact with both banked and unbanked customers.


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AirpayAirPay is a payment service provider aiming to be a medium between our users and products/services. The company holds all BOT licenses required for all services provided i.e. category 3,5 and 6. Our 2 major platforms, namely, AirPay Wallet and AirPay Counter, enable users to do their financial activities at their convenience


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Ascend Money is a FinTech startup company with the mission of improving the lives of the “underbanked” population in the ASEAN region. Headquartered in Thailand, Ascend Money also has offices in Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Indonesia, where it’s epayment and microlending products continue to see triple digit growth through digital and agent based strategies. The company is currently capitalized by Ant Financial (Alibaba) and the Thai conglomerate Charoen Pokphand (CP Group), which has enabled it’s position of a leading FinTech company in the region.


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Billme is an Electronic Billing Gateway providing new approach for businesses to connect with their customers and payment service providers in an interactive ways through Billing & invoicing process.


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BluePay is online payment platform company, established in 2016. To match up with digital society, our purpose and vision are services and Mobile Payment Platform development.


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Currently, CenPay accepts more than 200 bills, such as utility bills, water bills, monthly telephone bills, insurance fees, internet fees. Credit card fees Air ticket prices, etc., including top-up services for all mobile networks. Top up online games Including top-up electronic wallet Via cashier counters at over 1,900 CenPay markers nationwide.


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DeepPocket , The new E-wallet let’s you spend safely anywhere you go.
And discover the new service of DeepPocket VISA, which has many new features for you. The latest function of DeepPocket VISA offers you to continue watch series movies, a variety of movie styles from Netflix without interruption. Just pay via DeepPocket VISA.


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More than technologies developer, Digio’s provide payment service to bank, corporate and even SMEs to help business growth in multiple ways


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ESPREE is a new established fintech startup company that founded in Early 2018. We offer the cloud payment platform that will uplift simplicity of e-payment implementation for business.


MODERN PAY is a direct account payment gateway activated on cloud service.


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MPAY station payment acceptance point in one place. Providing top-up services – paying AIS bill, AIS fiber, Rabbit LinePay top-up, transferring money, paying utilities – credit cards – loans, life insurance and more than 200 services Convenient to your home, over 100,000 locations nationwide


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omise is A payment API provider, which can be integrated into merchant websites, blogs or even social networks. Omise offers white label payment solutions and real-time fraud detection.


Pay Solutions is the first E-Payment Services in Thailand since 2003. Provide full Omni-Payment channels, Online, Offline, Social Media Payment.


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Pay Social (PayDotSN) is an online payment service through social media. The first in Asia You can receive money from customers via Facebook, Instagram, Line, WhatsApp, website, E-Mail or various online channels just by sending a URL link to your customers. And can pay for your products and services instantly via a variety of methods, including credit cards, ATM (debit) cards, installments, counters, PayPal and Bitcoin.


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Rabbit is an offline payment platform, providing convenience to both transit customers as well as retail customers. Currently there are over 5 million Rabbit Card holders and over 4,000 Rabbit Card readers, primarily concentrated in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Rabbit’s membership is supported by the 20 million monthly passengers of the BTS SkyTrain―a figure which is expected to continue growing.


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SiamPay is the leading online payment gateway system in Thailand. We provide secure and seamless electronic payment solutions for both SME’s and large enterprises.

Our online payment system delivers reliable merchant services that allow businesses to accept online payments ranging from credit cards, internet banking, cash or over-the-counter payments, e-Wallet payments and PayPal.


Thaiepay offers payment gateway services. The company also offers e-commerce tools such as eShop, eBooking, eCart, eBooking to enable online channel for its customers.


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Tree Pay provides a world class payment platform and payment related value added services with the expertise and know-how from SK Telecom and NHN KCP in Korea


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True Money first started providing services in 2003. To this day, the world has changed dramatically. We have become a leading fintech company in Southeast Asia that offers innovations in electronic payments. And a wide range of financial services covering 6 countries in the region (Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam) to help unlock millions of lives that can access financial services conveniently. And accessible everyday. True Money is serviced by Ascend Money Group, with more than 40 million users (in 2018) through the True Money Watch app and a representative network (TrueMoney Center). 65,000 locations in 6 countries



Developed the technology to digitize and transact on the bitcoin blockchain. AmiLabs digitizes securities, commodities, currencies on the blockchain which are to be used for investments, trading and payments.


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A Regulated Digital Asset Broker building tech infrastructure to reach mass adoption of Crypto.


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Bitkub is a new generation digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers advanced cryptocurrency exchange services to individuals who intend to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies.


Top Philippines Startups | is the leading Bitcoin exchange in Thailand. We make money transfers frictionless and accessible for everyone through the use of mobile devices and Blockchain technology. Our mobile wallet empowers consumers and small businesses by giving them direct access to world class financial services.


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Cryptovationx is the best friend for crypto investors by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to build the best robo-advisory platform for cryptoasset investment with the vision of ‘Wealth for All’


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Thailand’s First and Only Licensed and Regulated Digital Tokens Exchange.


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EVEREX is a financial technology company specializing in applying blockchain solutions to cross-border payments, trading and lending. Everex services create decentralized, global credit histories and scorings for individuals and SMEs.


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Huobi offers the safest and most convenient crypto trading services, covering the spot market, OTC, margin trading, futures, etc.


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JIBEX develops cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with a goal to contribute to Thailand’s success in the new financial technology era.


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Kulap is the decentralized best rate protocol. We get real-time digital asset exchange rate from a worldwide marketplace. We have an algorithm to find the “best price” for users automatically and we also be a “KULAP Best Rate API” for our business partners whoever created decentralized application or DApps, we designed Kulap the easiest and useful for everyone.


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Lightnet is the next generation borderless financial infrastructure. Our company is committed to improve the efficiency, convenience and affordability of cross-border remittance business and making the service accessible to everyone.


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Longroot is an ICO operator authorised and regulated under the Digital Asset Business Law. The company provides digital assets financing, and investment services for digital assets, fully regulated and licensed. These innovative new business models open the door to new financing mechanisms, and new investment products.


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Satang or Satang Corporation Company Limited is a central private sector with extensive experience in digital asset. The company’s founder has originated the global digital currency called Zcoin, cooperated with the government to facilitate digital transaction including exchange and sales, and advised the public regarding secured digital asset transaction.


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SE Digital is a leading financial advisory firm specializing in the tokenization of assets on the blockchain with the aim to democratize financing for and access to traditional assets.


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SIX network uses blockchain technology and smart contract to reinvent the digital economy by building a better infrastructure; SIX Digital Asset Wallet, Decentralized Financial Services, and Wallet-to-Wallet (W2W) Decentralized Commerce. With this economic infrastructure, SIX can create an ecosystem that is transparent, fair, secured, and efficient for all stakeholders in the digital and creative economy.


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SmartContract (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is an expert in blockchain space in Thailand and Asia. Our team is constantly striving to expand its expertise and capabilities as the technology opens up new frontiers. We ultimately focus on the extraction of the maximum potential from extraordinary Distributed Ledger innovation.


Social Cloud is Mobile Application Development ex. GHB SmartBooth GHB SmartHR , EventQ.


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T-BOX is a digital asset capital markets platform that aims to provide unique investment and financing opportunities for its clients. T-BOX was granted a license by the Thai SEC, and is planning to launch its platform soon.


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Upbit Exchange (Thailand) co., Ltd. The Most Trusted Global Digital Asset Exchange. Upgrade your cryptocurrency portfolio and trade with global players.


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Zipmex is a digital asset exchange of Asia. Zipmex seeks to educate, excite, and enrich everyday people with new financial possibilities on its innovative, secure, and fully-regulated digital assets exchange.

P2P Lending


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Headquartered in the UAE, Beehive Asia is Thailand’s first online marketplace for peer-to-peer finance. We strongly believe SMEs should have faster access to lower cost finance to grow their business while investors should have direct access to alternative asset classes that can generate higher returns in an environment where risks are shared.


GATUNG operates in the marketplace where borrowers and investors can come together to transact. Borrowers include people who wish to make personal loans as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Investors can be individuals, institutions, and high net worth individuals (HNWIs).


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Investree is an ASEAN-based financial technology startup with one simple mission: promote financial inclusion by matching people who want to lend money directly with people who need to borrow money. We aim to enhance yield for lenders while making it more affordable for borrowers.


LEND EX is a P2P Marketplace Lending Platform, connects the Lenders and Borrowers from all over Thailand together.


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Moneywecan Co., Ltd is a fintech startup providing online Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending service for investors and borrowers to meet via our platform. Our product is a website, using core innovation of Credit Scoring Program where borrowers are analyzed and classified for a measurement of risk, acceptable loan amount and appropriate interest rate.


Satangdee is a P2P lending platform which connects lenders and borrowers through an online marketplace. Borrowers must pass a complete verification after which they will be eligible to apply for a loan, which will then pass on to financial institutions or individual investors who may choose to finance the loan.


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Smartfinn is a financial technology platform which connects people who have trouble in liquidity and investors. By selling the right of the property’s redemption.


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Wealthi is a mobile application to help the underserved people get access to the financial resource by applying the big data and machine learning (ML) to analyze their traditional and alternative data.

Business Tools


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Fincast is a financial services technology company specialising in creating innovative portfolio and wealth management applications.
Our tools enable financial advisers to more easily create and deliver goal based advice to more clients. Fincast uses adaptive advice algorithms which means the recommendation generated is based on the latest research and prevailing market conditions.


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FlowAccount is a cloud-based bilingual accounting platform designed for SMEs. The FinTech offers both free and paid versions of the platform, and the free version enables users to make quotations, invoices and billing notes.


it-cat-logoIT-CAT offers a solution that makes business management of securities, openings, portfolios, data kyc information, Suitability test, management easier, faster and more convenient, can support modern technology, support customers, There are a variety of requirements that save time and money, enabling efficient use of technology in organizations.


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playbasis-logoPlaybasis provides a cloud-based technology platform which makes it easy for businesses to launch modern applications that are fun, engaging, and rewarding for millennial audiences. Playbasis generates revenue through a B2B, software-as-a-service subscription business model where customers only pay for the services that they use.


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One stop service solution: online accounting, company registration & secretary for SMEs in Thailand.


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TRCLOUD is a cloud-based accounting software purposingly designed for Thai businesses & Startups. It comes with double entry bookkeeping system as well as full accounting and billing capalities without any annoying limitations. TRCLOUD is simple and best for accountants but, still, very easy for non-accountants to adopt.



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An application that transfers credit card and debit card points as well as other reward programs to ChomCHOB Point to increase shopping freedom. Currently 70% of Thai credit cards become a partner of ChomCHOB.


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We are a business tool for small business to do accounting/tax submission automatically while providing resourceful reports for business management.
– Accounting Software to generate financial statements and real-time business reports
– Accounting Services / Tax Filling – Accounting Services / Tax Filling
– APIs for connecting transaction data from E-Commerce/POS/CRM to do accounting records automatically.
As of July 2020, we processed 320,000 transactions which valued approximately 500 million USD for around 6,000 small businesses in Thailand.


Top Philippines Startups |"Top is an online comparison website. We are like a one-stop shopping center for cheap motor insurance in Thailand. At, customers are able to compare the coverage for their insurance products and at the same time, they can buy and save instantly. We carry a wide range of products from Thailand’s respectable insurance companies including comprehensive type, third party liability as well as third party plus own damage, with or without the excesses. The core component of our website is the real-time quotation engine which has been developed closely with insurance partners. The integration of the system provides the up-to-date, accurate insurance quotations plus the product details that can be compared using our user-friendly interface.


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GoBear is Asia’s first and only metasearch engine for insurance and financial products. It was founded based on the simple premise that a consumer should find freedom and ease in choosing complex financial products like insurance, credit cards and loans.


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GoBear is Asia’s first and only metasearch engine for insurance and financial products. It was founded based on the simple premise that a consumer should find freedom and ease in choosing complex financial products like insurance, credit cards and loans.


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PEAK is an intelligent online accounting software that help SMEs do accounting automatically and help analyze financial performance and notify potential problems in business.


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Rabbit Finance help customers to compare insurance and financial products.


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Refinn International Dot Com Co., Ltd was established on December 25th, 2015. The vision is to “Build an online innovation refinance platform to facilitate the users to be able to safe money (lower interest) and time (length of payment) The initial step was creating a website called Through this website, users can compare the best refinance package, interests rate from various banks. Moreover, the users can easily provide their personal and house loan information to obtain the service guaranteed with world-class security. With the same security level utilized by the global banks, the users can ensure that they will obtain the maximum benefits of the home refinance through Refinn. For a better life, safe your money and time with Refinn.


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Thyber is a fintech company that develops an online mobile app providing instant discounts system for customers. It offers products and services from various Thai shops.



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Business consulting for crowdfunding in Thailand. Managing in the reward platform and equity platform. In addition, it provides a reward and equity platform that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses on social media.


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Dreamaker Crowdfunding is an equity-based crowdfunding platform in Thailand that act as a bridge between innovative businesses and investors. We help start-up, early stage, and growth company secure funding from high net worth investor and retail investor.


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“DURIAN CORP.” are a “Hybrid Fundraising Platform” which integrated the benefits of crowdfunding platform with consumer insight from Top Investors and Startup founders in AEC. With combined experience of founding team in financial market, consultant, product development, business strategy, design thinking, mass communication and Technology, our passion is to build not only crowdfunding platform but also created education environment for startup founders and investors. As our vision of “Durian Corp. … Where Angels Meet Unicorns.”


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PeerPower is the leading Crowdfunding Bond platform based in Thailand, our mission is to provide better rates for borrowers and better returns for investors.

Financial Education


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Every aomMONEY team sees the problem of not understanding the money that Thai people are experiencing. We don’t believe that money determines our destiny. We therefore create websites that gather financial knowledge. And presenting it in various formats Easy to understand


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Since being founded, BankersLab® has developed a suite of training products that leverage proven techniques on how to train executives for the greatest retention and usage of learning.


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Stock2morrow focuses on providing knowledge about stocks, investing in stocks, teaching playing stocks and having stock courses Taught by professional speakers, easy to understand, suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.



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We are financial professionals who are passionate in making financial system more efficient by using advanced technology. Our commitment is to employ suitable technology to disrupt any inefficiencies or difficulties in financial world.



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724 Market is a Thai Online Licensed insurance Broker. 724 Market provides new online insurance experience with simplicity to receive various choices of insurance policy for customer needed and defiantly with secured payment platform to ensure customer’s safe payment and secured personal data. 724 Market also provides knowledge and advisory needed to help people better understanding about insurance policy, right, law and regulation.


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With great success, AppMan Company positioned itself as the leading Insurtech company in Thailand with the product of AgentMate. Agentmate provide seamless sale process solution, for insurance companies that digitalising their sale process.


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We created Claim DI application which allows the car owner to make a claim report when they have car accident within 5 minutes no need to wait adjustors for 3 hours. Now we serve more than 38 insurers that’s represent 67% of car policies market share in Thailand.


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FairDee partner with car insurers to launch a social community platform that shares profit with safe drivers. They have been in business about 2 years ago with the intention of changing the insurance business to be more fair. Easier to access and more suitable for consumers. We believe that agents play an important role in educating customers about insurance and helping clients choose the most suitable insurance plan. Therefore, the company has created a system that allows agents to work insurance easier. There are various products to meet the needs of all groups of customers.


Top Philippines Startups |Top Philippines Startups |"Top is part of EdirectInsure Group, which operates leading online insurance platforms in Asia, offering online motor insurance to consumers in a way that is Fast, Simple and Yours.


OOHOO is the first InsurTech platform in Thailand. We are introducing insurance comparison platform to revolutionize Thai insurance industry by integrating advance technology and expertise in insurance business. We have come up with an online insurance platform that is easy to use in every steps from comparison to purchasing to payment. We also provide customers with various insurance policy searches, fast and convenient through reliable e-Commerce platform.


Top Philippines Startups |Top Philippines Startups |"Top was founded by an experienced person in insurance. Providing new forms of online car insurance By getting permission from the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) and get car insurance from the company Krungthai Panich Affiliated with Krung Thai Bank As well as big bike insurance (250cc upwards) from LMG Insurance for bikers too

By has developed cutting-edge innovation For the best price system for safe drivers We use technology to help make things easier. So you don’t have to wait for the same premium from agents and brokers. Just click to check the premium through the website and see the actual price.


Top Philippines Startups |Top Philippines Startups |

A fully-integrated sales and services InsurTech that uses AI digital platforms to offer personalised insurance products.


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TQLD is the insurance advisory online platform. This platform can help user to find the product that appropriate and worth for themselves.

Retail Investments


Top Philippines Startups |Top Philippines Startups |"Top was originally created for founders and friends which are the individual investors in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The Deepscope platform has been built to help investor to find opportunity in quality stock and manage their portfolio efficiency. The information will help to make decision and/or remind investor when fundamental stock have been changed promptly.


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FINNOMENA’s goal is to unlock the investment potential in majority of Thai people who have little time or investment-know-how to grow wealth. FINNOMENA provides extraordinary tools and unbiased knowledge and advisory needed in investing and personal financial planning.


Top Philippines Startups |

iWS is the leader of family and wealth solutions & one stop service provider


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An investing solution that aims to simplify financial analysis for value investors and financial investors. Jitta’s stock-analysis platform also offers actionable advice to help investors make better decisions.


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Complete application for investors, Realtime stock information, Realtime stock price alerts, Technical graphs on Smartphones and Tablet, Stock scan system for basic and technical investors, Stock price alerts by voice, etc.


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SiamQuant was founded with the aim to help create sustainable wealth for Thai investors. With knowledge of systematic investment in accordance with scientific principles Which is considered the investment philosophy of all of us.


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Stock Analysis program that combine Fundamental and Technical to advise investor to choose stock to invest and producer of investment model by quant for collaboration with broker.


StockRadars utilizes total stock data before matching and adding to radars, presenting complex statistics in a simplistic, easy-to-use design. By reducing time spent sourcing stocks, our aim is to mitigate portfolio risk. Total flexibility empowers you to choose the best stocks and become a more successful trader.


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The Investment academy that advice investment knowledge to all Thai investors from beginner to professional to find their suitable investment style to build financial freedom.

Personal Finance


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iTAX is the leading personal income tax solutions in Thailand. Its mission is to help people get their taxes done right, with the BIGGEST refund. Users can rest assured that the constantly changing tax laws and regulations will be taken care of. iTAX helps users to save time on preparing tax documents, optimizes all conditions to get the maximum tax refund, and provides the best advice on tax-saving products. iTAX provides both individual and corporate solutions for payroll, payroll tax, and employees’ benefits.


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ITTP​ is a financial technology company that focuses on mobile technology, Alternative data and user experience design to create new personal finance platform for the working class.


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Moneytable is a fintech enabler for business. Through our C3.Finance platform we provide a blockchain powered payment gateway for P2P lenders. We also provide credit score 2.0 and P2P technology to help banks and corporates successfully execute digital micro-finance economy. We received seed funding from local Thai Business Family and Top VCs in SE Asia. We also won Rising Star Award from Fintech Challenge sponsored by SEC. We are a team of 40 people from both banking and technology.


MY CashFlow is a bookkeeping program that is suitable for every business, because accounting is the key to doing business and cash flow is an important factor in driving it.


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Piggipo is an Application that helps you manage and monitor your credit card spending more easily and effectively by combining all your credit cards into a single Application.


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In the era of digital disruption, Robo-advisor is one of the hottest fintech ventures which generally provide recommended asset allocation plus automated investment execution. As the first Robo-advisor in Thailand, Robowealth operates as a mutual funds brokerage securities company under Thai SEC supervision, performing a leading role in both B2C and B2B Robo-advisory arenas.


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Wealth Creation International (WCI) are a wealth therapy providing services such as Assets under planning, Hybrid Tax Plan, Passive Income Plan Innovative Investment Plan, Global and Local Funds Advisory, Comprehensive Healthcare Plan, Education Plan and Tailor-made Financial Plan etc.


BAHTSMARTDollarSmart Global Pte. Ltd. is a fast growing Fintech online money transfer firm currently operating in countries across Asia-Pacific. DSG was formed in May 2014 by founders with extensive financial services, regulatory and compliance and cross-border remittance expertise, and became operational between Australia and Thailand from December 2014. BahtSmart is a specialist solution for Australia to Thailand.

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