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Mobile Payment


123pay123pay is ZION’s online payment gateway product of ZION. It enables users to pay through a variety of options such as ATM, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and internet banking. It was one of the earliest offerings in Vietnam, and serves other payment businesses such as OnOnPay and e-commerce sites like Lazada.



2C2P offers all solutions to a comprehensive payment of e-commerce and m-commerce businesses. This Thailand startup is expanding accross Asia Pacific countries and comes to Vietnam.


AirPay, our digital financial services platform, provides e-wallet services to consumers through our AirPay App and to small businesses through our partner-operated service counters, and AirPay counters.



Bao Kim is a subsidiary of, and is an online payments gateway ala PayPal for online payments and mobile money transfers. It is used in both offline retail shops and for e-commerce businesses.


bankplusBankPlus is a solution provided by Viettel that allows users to conduct account  transfers, cash transfers, and to pay services. BankPlus has ~7,500 transaction points and 800 Viettel stores nationwide.


Electricity and Telecommunications Payment Solutions Joint Stock Company (ECPay), a payment services provider in Vietnam which operates the electricity bill payment gateway of Electricity of Vietnam.



GrabPay refers to a collection of all cashless payment methods, including credit / debit cards, partner wallets like Alipay or PayPal and your GrabPay Credits (or balance). GrabPay Credits (or balance) refers to the in-app balance that you can top up using your credit / debit cards.


MoMoMomo offers a mobile e-wallet that can be used to pay bills, transfer money recharge phone accounts, book tickets, shop, watch movies, and eat –out, and more. One of the most widespread payment apps, Momo works with 24 local banks and with international networks such as Visa and Mastercard.


mocaMomo offers a mobile payment application that can be used to shop, pay for taxi fares, bills, recharge phone balances, and make online payments. It is integrated with 12 local banks, and with international payment networks such as JCB, Visa and Mastercard.


mPOS.vnmPOS Vietnam is a point of sale company that belongs to NextTech Group of Technopreneurs. It is integrated with 20 local and international banks and 6 card organizations  such as Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.


People Care Joint Stock Company, the company behind MonPay, a social payment platform and digital wallet.


National Payment Corporation of Viet Nam (NAPAS), a provider of financial switching services and electronic clearing services in Vietnam.


NganLuongNganluong has 2 main solutions; a business-facing payment solution, and a user-facing e-wallet. It is a JV between MOL AccessPortal Co., Ltd, and Peacesoft Solutions Corporation. Launched in 2009, it was later acquired by MOL in 2013.


OnOnPayOnOnPay is a mobile top-up service for users with pre-paid SIM cards. It can be used to redeem discounts, and pay for transactions through a simple QR code scanner.



OnePay is one of the earliest attempts in the e-commerce scene in Vietnam.  Unlike other payment applications, OnePay does not offer consumer-focused solutions.  OnePay provides payment processing/gateway, and merchant services for over businesses  across multiple industries. It serves over 1,500 clients.


Payoo is an intermediary payment service catering to e-commerce websites.  It offers two complementary solutions: a digital wallet that consumers use to pay for items and an e-wallet that allows businesses to accept online payments. It is integrated with 35 banks, and is partnered with more than 7000 offline POS in Vietnam.


PayTech’s goal is becoming one of the strongest companies in the online payment industry to promote the development of the company’s products and services in particular and of VietnamNet ICom in general.


SenPaySenPay is a mobile wallet solution and payment gateway provided by Sendo, one  of the largest C2C Vietnamese e-commerce sites, and the owner of SenMall. SenPay is used to handle payments for online businesses and retailers.



SohaPay is an online payment gateway in Vietnam for customers and businesses to settle payments through e-commerce websites. It was started in 2013 by VC Corp, one of Vietnam’s largest online media companies.


SMARTNET specializes in providing financial and insurance services: introducing, consulting credit products for personal consumer loans and insurance. With fast and simple service, nationwide sales system, SMARTNET has met the needs of customers nationwide.



TrueMoney is the leading fintech company in Southeast Asia and a financial services arm of CP Group, one of the world’s leading conglomerates, and is operated by Ascend Money, a partner with Ant Financial – the world’s largest fintech company.



VTC Pay is an e-payment platform from VTC, one of the largest multimedia firms in Vietnam. It offers both personal and enterprise payment solutions. On the consumer side users can recharge mobile phones, and conduct transfers and withdrawals. It also offers core enterprise products for integration with mobile, website, SDK, and QR codes for businesses.



Vimo was founded by veterans of the payment and digital industries. It provides a mobile wallet for transactions. Vimo is a co-branded product of MobiFone.


VNPayVN Pay is a B2B financial services company that provides banking, payment and mobile phone recharge solutions for banks, telcos and e-commerce businesses. It recently expanded to provide QR-code payment gateways for e-commerce and traditional retail stores.



E-wallet WebMoney Vietnam help customers access online payment services globally. The product allows customers to pay electricity and telephone bills, do the online shopping and transfer money. Customers can also use the product to withdraw money at banks associated with VNO or WMV agents.


WEPAY Payment Services Company Limited, a payment gateway provider.


VNPT Pay is an electronic payment platform of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group.


VNPT Electronic Payment JSC (VNPT EPAY) is one of Vietnam’s leading companies providing electronic payment services, was founded by Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and VMG Media Group and other reputable shareholders.

Vietnam Mobile

Vietnamobile is the fastest growing mobile communications service operator in Vietnam, providing 2G and 3G services on a nationwide basis. Focusing on network quality, competitive tariff plans and best-in-class customer service, the Company is well positioned to rapidly increase market share and set new trends in the Vietnam telecom market.


Vina Investment Development and Technology Transfer Company Limited(VINATTI),  help enterprises to maximise the power of internet and information technology in business development.


Viettel Pay

Viettel Pay is a service provided by one of the country’s leading telcos; Viettel. The service can be used to pay for mobile, internet, and TV fees, as well as insurance. Viettel Pay currently offers bank transfers through 28 local banks and through Visa/Mastercard.


Vietnam Mobile – Based Services Company Limited(VIMASS), is a fast-growing mobile communications service operator in Vietnam launched in 2009.


Whypay is an early entree to the fintech space in Vietnam. The company provides a myriad of services including purchasing phone cards, game cards, scratch card codes, paying bills, and tracking expenses.



ZingPay is an extended feature of the integrated platform – Zing, developed by VNG. It was built in 2010 and is for all online payment transactions in the Zing community, especially ZingPlay – A gaming tool. The money in the community is called Zing Xu. This is a base of 123Pay development later.

Zalo Pay

Zalo Pay is a product launched by VNG Corporation, and was developed on Zalo – the country’s most popular SNS tool used by over 70% of the population. ZaloPay can be used to make money transfers 24/7, pay for items at counters, pay bills, recharge phone balances and send money as gifts.

p2p Lending


avayAvay focuses on unsecured loans of up to 80M VND (~$3.5k). The company does not require assets, proof of income, and enables users to avail of loans charging interest  rates of 2.33% to 5% on a loan period of 12-36 months.



ATM Online, the preeminent online financial solution In Vietnam.


BagangBaGang is a financial services company, developing and applying the first smart loan approval technology in Vietnam


cashwagonAn online marketplace that provides instant access to financial resources in Vietnam


doctordongDoctor Dong provides a reliable financial solution consulting service and is a tool to connect customers with loan partners through simple, immediate procedures.



Finizi is a secure technology platform that helps users access referral loan services at a reasonable cost.


FiinFiin is another AI-based P2P lending platform that connects borrowers and lenders. One core guarantee that Fiin makes is the 100% payment of all loans made to the principal, regardless of whether the borrower defaults.

Growth Wealth

Growth WealthGrowth Wealth is a customer-centric peer-to-peer lending platform for SMEs in Vietnam to obtain direct financing from individual and institutional investors. We are 100% committed to serving our customers with the smartest financing solutions and world-class services.


GutinaGutina is a service that helps customers deposit money and transfer money to their accounts quickly without going to the bank.

HuyDong is leading p2p lending platform in Vietnam. We matchmake small business owners and private investors. We make financial products in Vietnam become transparent, affordable, and accessible.


idongiDong provides you with a quick and simple financial advisory service.

iCare Benefits

iCare BenefitsiCare Benefits (iCB) is a free membership-based, social benefits company and multi-channel retailer designed for both emerging market workers and employers who want to offer benefits outside the workplace.

Interloan.vnPioneer P2Plending platform in VietNam



LinkBank help borrowers access information about loans, credit cards and insurance easily.


MoSaMoSa offers loans of up to 10M VND ($430) at a length of up to 30 months. It claims to have more than 5,000 borrowers on its platforms and more than 1,000 lenders. Loans are also uncollateralized, and can be disbursed in under 30 minutes.


MofinMOFIN is a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects Lenders and Borrowers


MoneyBankMoneyBank – is a peer-to-peer lending platform. With a mission of creating pioneering digital finance services in Vietnam, we are proud to be a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects people across Vietnam.


MegalendMegaLend is a peer-to-peer (Peer to Peer) investment and lending system, following a global success model. MegaLend links investors with loan profiles introduced by partners or created from MegaLend. This is an alternative to traditional financing such as bank loans or direct investment.


Pay Way is Cross Border Money Movement Platform helps service providers expand quickly to unreached markets with a full spectrum of remittance & payment services.


RobocashROBOCASH PTE LTD is a finance holding providing services on IT-consulting, IT-development and software engineering.


TimaTima is one of the first P2P lending platforms that launched in Vietnam. In  addition to the basic lending platform, it also provides mortgage loan services and financial Advisory services to customers.


TrustCircle started as a mobile-first, P2P savings app using a group-saving business model in 2014. It was later acquired by Oriente in 2017.


VayMuonVaymuon is an AI & Big-data platform that connects individual and SME  borrowers to investors. The company operates both web and mobile apps, and utilizes a fanpage to serve users. Vaymuon is able to close loans in as fast as 30 minutes.

Bitcoin / Blockchain

Axie Infinity

axie infinity

Axie Infinity is a game centered around collecting, raising, and battling fantasy creatures called Axies. Axies come in many forms: they can resemble cats, birds, and fish while some might even have dragon genes hiding in their DNA.



Developing application for AI aplication, ios, android app, websites and games.



Bigbom is a decentralized advertising ecosystem that aims to use smart contracts to solve crucial problems in today’s advertising industry.

Bitcoin Vietnam

bitcoin vietnamBitcoin Vietnam Co. Ltd., a Vietnamese Bitcoin startup founded in late 2013, is aiming to bring world-class Bitcoin technology to the Vietnamese market. Due to the international composition of the current team with strong ties to some of the world’s leading Bitcoin spaces (Germany, Israel, Singapore), Bitcoin Vietnam Co. Ltd. will be able to provide cutting-edge technology on an international standard regarding usage of the Bitcoin technology in Vietnam.


cash2vnCash2vn is Vietnam’s leading Bitcoin startup to bring fast and easy access to the global Bitcoin economy to the Vietnamese market. Cash2vn aims to provide a comparable service at a significantly lower rate by the superior process that the Bitcoin platform enables. Cash2vn delivery options currently include forwarding to all local bank accounts with additional cashout options (also suitable for residents / travellers without a local bank account) being added over the coming months.



Etheremon is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum network. It simulates a world of Ether monsters (Etheremon) where you can capture, transform and trade them. As a decentralized application, no one controls the Etheremon world, and no one can take away your Etheremons or cheat you in this world.



Fiahub is a platform that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency using local fiat currencies easily and instantly. Fiahub offers cross-platform trading via website, mobile app, providing access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs on the market. Instant Bitcoin buying and selling are available via a simplified interface.



Ginero is Vietnam’s newest, and aims to be its most innovative P2P marketplace. We plan to provide people the best platform to trade cryptocurrencies in Vietnam, easy to use- with as little prior knowledge is needed as possible. Ginero is a purely P2P marketplace and escrows solely cryptocurrencies.



Scalable and interoperable blockchain platform for decentralized application

Kyber Network


KyberNetwork  is a system that allows the exchange and conversion of digital assets. They offer payment APIs and a contract wallet that also allow users to seamlessly receive payments from any tokens. KyberNetwork also enables derivative trading.

Midas Protocol

Midas Protocol

Facilitate global adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing innovative blockchain solution for storing, swapping and spending digital assets.



Remitano offers escrow trading, which gives both buyers and sellers an added layer of security and fraud protection. That in itself differentiates itself from the large majority of its peers in the industry with focusing on the friendly online support 24/7, simple and efficient UI/UX to make for a user-friendly exchange, boasts high processing speeds for deposits and withdrawals in the industry.



TomoChain is a public blockchain promising faster and cheaper transactions designed to support decentralized applications. TomoChain relies on a system of 150 Masternodes with Proof of Stake Voting (POSV) consensus that can support near-zero fees and two second transaction confirmation time. After two years of research and development, TomoChain launched its mainnet on December 14, 2018. The startup raised US$8.5 million in its initial coin offering (ICO) earlier this year and is backed by several well-known investment firms like Signum Capital, Connect Capital and 1KX.



Utop is a product of Utop Technology Joint Stock Company – Member of FPT software company. Utop officially operated from 12/2018, and is on track to become one of the leading brands in the field of Earn points – Gifts.

VBTC Bitcoin

vbtcVBTC, a project of startup Bitcoin Vietnam, is taking aim at the unbanked population and will enable users to deposit and withdraw cash from more than 9,200 locations across Vietnam. Verified users enjoy instant bitcoin deposits, which enable them to trade without keeping funds on deposit at all times at VBTC.



VeriChains Lab has a world-class team of researchers and developers with extensive research and development expertise in the areas of security, cryptography and blockchain technology. We offer trusted and secure blockchain services such as smart contract code development and audit, blockchain development, cryptocurrency wallet, exchanges and ICO consulting services.


vinexDynamic & fast-growing crypto exchange that offers high performance trading, extensive APIs, superb support & more..

Point of Sale (POS)


beposbePOS is a company specializing in consulting management solutions for chain stores


D_Corp R-KeeperDCORP R-KEEPER Vietnam Company, founded in 2007 based on the desire for bringing a brand name R-Keeper inherently well- known in Russian and European market in the field of solution system for Hospitality & Retail Management


ibox mPOS servicesibox, in South-East Asia and Russia, set to revolutionize the global payments market. With ibox solution, merchants accept credit and debit cards, using their smartphones or tablets, in a simple, secure and cost-effective way. ibox expanded into 5 countries across South-East Asia. The company has major offices in Hong Kong, Hanoi, Bangkok, Jakarta and Moscow.


hottabHottab is a startup that offers a new solution for point-of-sale (POS) management for F&B business. Hottab provides service tablets and a POS system for food and beverage (F&B) businesses. A cloud-based system connects all devices using Hottab. It includes an application installed on tablet devices that allows waiters to create new orders. It also enables customers to self-order at the table.


kiotvietKiotViet sales management software developed by Citigo Software Joint Stock Company. After years of operating in software development for customers in Australia, France, and the US and working with many experts in the retail sector, we aspire to bring technology to sell stores. retail in Vietnam, help you solve difficulties in the process of sales management in a simple and easy way without spending too much cost.

Loop Smart Pos

loopLOOP is an internet company that was founded on the vision that everybody in the F&B and retail business should have access to the best tools to manage and grow their business.


OchaOcha is the platform of choice for all small and medium businesses in food and beverage industry, connecting and helping everyone to grow and succeed in the economy.


SAPOSapo is providing retail businesses with an overall sales and management platform from online to offline with Sapo POS – Software for sales management, Sapo Web – Solution for website design, Sapo Social – Fanpage management and sales software and solutions to manage and sell goods from Online to Offline – Sapo Omnichannel

Speed Pos

SpeedPOSSpeed POS has grown steadily since launching as one of the first POS providers to enter the market.

TigerData has been helping restaurants and shops grow since 2014. Over 1000 registered businesses have helped us to create a fast and sleek system that’s incredibly easy to use.



betadoBetado was founded at first to fundraise an episode and a volume of a book called “Truyền thuyết Long Thần Tướng”. It later expanded and became one of the first crowdfunding sites in Vietnam, but has chosen to focus on artistic projects only.


Comicola is a crowdfunding platform in the cartoon industry. The company has its own website and a distribution system which is teeming with activities to engage young artists, writers, and readers. Comicola, which also offers courses in applied comic art in Vietnam, has forged increasing partnerships with local artists and comic illustrators.


Fundstart is a crowdfunding platform that aims to support local startups. The platform incubates projects of various sizes, and in different areas such as tech, music, art
and others.



Firststep is a crowdfunding platform that allows startups to raise fund from the crowd. Firststep seeks to allow the community to find the best startups to support. Firststep is the reward-based crowdfunding platform in Vietnam. Firststep build this platform to get fund for Vietnamese ideas.


Payoo is an intermediary payment service catering to e-commerce websites.  It offers two complementary solutions: a digital wallet that consumers use to pay for items and an e-wallet that allows businesses to accept online payments.  It is integrated with 35 banks, and is partnered with more than 7000 offline POS in Vietnam.


Vietnam Fundme Technology Joint Stock Company is a dynamic and experienced team in the fields of finance, technology and a team of consultants and media who know a lot of different areas and specific markets. We develop and continually improve our Community Funding platform (Crowdfunding platform), in parallel with expanding our partnerships, connecting Funds, Businesses, Organizations, Groups, Associations, Communities and Fishes.

Wealth Management

FE Credit


Founded as Consumer Finance Division of Vietnam Prosperity Joint-Stock Commercial Bank (VPBank), after 5 years of establishment, FE Credit successfully transferred all consumer finance operations to the new independent company – VPBank Finance Company Limited, abbreviated as VPB FC (Brand FE Credit) in February, 2015. FE Credit launched the first personal loan management app in Vietnam.


Finhay, a wealth management startup that enables users to invest in mutual  funds through a machine-learning algorithm. Finhay currently has more than 13,000 accounts  on its platform, and allows users to make a minimum investment of $2.30 USD. is a proptech and fintech platform that currently operates under Crowd-Financing model, which focuses on mortgage and property-related financing in Vietnam. FinHome help homebuyers and real estate entrepreneurs to access funding transparently and timely, while creating sustainable and profitable investment opportunities for accredited investors.


Kiu is a trusted e-commerce global trading platform which is supported by a project named Business Initiative Mekong of Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Government of Australia. Kiu Platform provides high – quality services including Kiu MARKET



Money Lover is a personal finance management tool that helps users consolidate cash flows and accounts into one simple app. Users can track expenses, input inflows and outflows of money, and understand their spending habits. The app has more than 230k+ downloads.


MobiVi’ is a financial services company, providing transaction solutions to banks, individual users and corporate clients. The company books a monthly revenue of $10M and provide core to core connection with over five biggest banks in Vietnam.


M – Pay was founded on 8th December 2008 between the three founders who agreed to develop and build a secure messaging service for mobile phones with sufficient security and ease of use to be used for payments and banking.


WowMelo strives to reduce frictions in e-commerce economy through financial solutions

Data/Credit Scoring/Management

Algo Platform

algoplatformAlgoplatform is an tool for securities investors to analyze market data at a micro and macro level, conduct technical analysis, filter stocks, simulate algorithms and investment views, and backtest formulas.


Compliy is a global Regtech100 company and an end-to-end regulatory change management platform for financial institutions in APAC. It contains APAC’s leading AI Regulatory Assistant, and boasts the largest open database of APAC financial regulations.


Stoxplus is a business provider of information that includes reports on companies, industries, M&A, and market entry insight. It also sells an app-based platform  called FiinPro which is a financial database and analysis tool for finance professionals.

TrustingSocialtrustingsocialTrustingSocial is reinventing credit scoring based on social, mobile and web data. Marketplace lending is disrupting retail banking by leveraging propriety Big Data credit scoring technologies.

They make their TrustingSocial Authenticity Score available for free to everyone in the world, so that they can build trust instantly with each other.



Comparison Sites


Bao hiem truc tuyen – eBaohiem is the immediate provider of insurance services in the Vietnam market. We are proud to be the first in Vietnam introducing the online insurance quote website in 2010.


GoBear is Asia’s first and only metasearch engine in financial products. It was founded based on the simple premise that a consumer should find freedom and ease in choosing complex financial products like insurance, credit cards and loans. Headquartered in Singapore since early 2015, GoBear has continued to expand in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Save Money is one of the leading intermediary company that provides digital financial services, catches up with consumer trends including banking, card payment, investment and insurance. We present new ways for consumers to directly access to financial services: aggregated web, social media and mobile apps.


SmartBuddy is an online retail platform for finance and insurance products enabling consumers to compare, select and purchase the best products on the market.


TheBank is the fintech platform of Samo Media & Tech JSC. It provides a market place that compares and sells financial products: credit cards, loans, mortgages, savings, and insurance. It claims to serve more than 1M customers. – A reputable financial consulting and comparison website in Vietnam

Digital Banking


Timo is where coffee meets banking. As Vietnam’s 1st digital bank, Timo was  designed to create a millennial atmosphere for banking, enabling customers to relax, drink  coffee and attending to their banking needs. Timo is partnered with Vietnam’s VPBank.


Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank (TPBank) offer most effective banking & finance solutions to our customers, especially the young and active segment. Based on our advanced technological infrastructure and specialized management, TPBank has always been pioneering in setting trends in modern banking services, aiming to become the leading digital bank in Vietnam.


VRED aims to address those challenges by building a sales-agent-platform that supports the development of the communities and improve local people’s lives. We work with corporate clients to innovatively distribute their goods and services to provincial areas effectively at lower cost.


Wee Digital creates new digital banking experience with user- centric designs, biometric security technology and deep data analytics


VPBank launched its own stand-alone digital bank called YOLO that comes with traditional banking services like savings accounts, and loans, but also daily services such as taxis, movies, hotel bookings and food and beverage orders. The idea behind YOLO is to offer a digital ecosystem with diversified services combined with a bank.

SMEs Financing


LendbizLendbiz leads the way in supporting capital for Businesses / Households through calling capital from the investor community.


eLoan is a peer-to-peer (Crowdfunding) lending marketplace that allows investors to lend money directly to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam. We focus purely on serving SME clients with short-term loans. Businesses can borrow up to approximately $250K for up to 12 months.


Dragonlend We established with the desire to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam to access business capital efficiently and quickly, facilitating operations as well as the prosperity of businesses.



INSO is an insurance application on a mobile device. We would like to reduce the time and tasks in terms of requesting the insurance for customers. Therefore, enhancing the customers’s awareness in terms of insurance’s benefit and incresing the propotion of signing the insurance of Vietnamese people.


OPES Insurance Joint Stock Company was established in 2018 with the ambition to become a pioneer in digital insurance, providing insurance products that integrate technology, enhance user experience, bring to the face new for the domestic insurance market and international reach.


Insurance reimagined. Vietnam based, technology company aims to bring insurance accessible to everyone.


 Wicare is a digital insurance broker that rewards you for exercise.

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