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Artificial Intelligence is often touted as one of the most transformative tools for lending; from enabling financial services providers to drive inclusive finance, to fraud prevention and improving customer relationships.

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Banking After Hours- How HDFC Leverages Generative AI to Serve 120 Million Customers
In an exclusive interview with Fintech News, we sat down with HDFC's Gautam Anand to delve into how the bank has transformed its customer service landscape in the last 18 months by leveraging advanced AI and ML technologies.
Banking After Hours
Dive into the future of fintech with best-selling author Chris Skinner who shares his expert insights on what's next in the industry in this episode of 'Banking After Hours'
Are Digital Banks the Catalyst in Making Embedded Finance the New Norm in Asian Finance?
Unlocking a US$3.6 trillion opportunity! Join us as industry leaders discuss the potential of embedded finance and its impact on financial inclusion.
Fortifying Financial Frontlines. Insider Insights on Fraud Prevention
Arm yourself with the latest insights from industry insiders on strategies to protect your consumers from fraud.
Panel Discussion: What to Expect from Malaysia New Digital Insurance Licenses?
Explore the impact of new digital insurance licenses on the industry, their potential to address underserved communities, collaboration opportunities with traditional insurers, and the future of digital insurance in Malaysia at this panel discussion.
How FSIs of The Future Are Reimagining Digital Experiences
These days the majority of our touch points are through digital channels – which is why digital experiences will likely make or break your customer attrition rates. From onboarding all the way to interacting with your digital channels, how should banks and fintechs of the future shape great user experiences? Join practitioners from leading digital first organisations as we discuss winning strategies to win the hearts and minds of Asia’s digital generation.
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Banking After Hours: How StanChart Disrupts Itself to Stay Ahead the Curve
Standard Chartered Bank is no stranger to innovation from their leading digibanks Mox and Trust Bank to their BaaS arm Nexus there's no shortage of excitement.
Success is not final, and failure is not fatal – and there are valueable lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from unsuccesful endeavours.
Fintech Explained- Why Digital Banks Matter in Malaysia
How will digital banks in Malaysia reshape financial services? How will it be different from banks.
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