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Are Digital Banks the Catalyst in Making Embedded Finance the New Norm in Asian Finance?
Unlocking a US$3.6 trillion opportunity! Join us as industry leaders discuss the potential of embedded finance and its impact on financial inclusion.
Panel Discussion: What to Expect from Malaysia New Digital Insurance Licenses?
Explore the impact of new digital insurance licenses on the industry, their potential to address underserved communities, collaboration opportunities with traditional insurers, and the future of digital insurance in Malaysia at this panel discussion.
How FSIs of The Future Are Reimagining Digital Experiences
These days the majority of our touch points are through digital channels – which is why digital experiences will likely make or break your customer attrition rates. From onboarding all the way to interacting with your digital channels, how should banks and fintechs of the future shape great user experiences? Join practitioners from leading digital first organisations as we discuss winning strategies to win the hearts and minds of Asia’s digital generation.
Is South East Asia Entering its Golden Era of Payments?
Valued at over US$ 1 Trillion the payments space in South East Asia is a hotbed for innovation. What are some biggest trends shaping payments in the region and where is the industry headed?
The Age of Hyper Personalisation in Banking
Being digital is no longer enough, banks are increasingly turning to hypersonalisation strategies to fend off competition from bigtechs and fintechs alike. Fintech News speak to experts on how banks embrace this strategy.