Finastra Leverages OpenFin to Offer Streamlined Treasury Experience

Finastra Leverages OpenFin to Offer Streamlined Treasury Experience

by May 2, 2024

Finastra, a global financial software provider, has teamed up with OpenFin to enhance the user experience in treasury management systems.

This partnership focuses on upgrading Finastra’s Kondor system, widely used by banks for treasury management.

By incorporating OpenFin’s technology, Finastra aims to improve the functionality and efficiency of Kondor through better workspaces and streamlined workflows.

The collaboration is part of Finastra’s broader initiative to evolve Kondor by integrating microservices, artificial intelligence, and a robust fintech ecosystem.

These enhancements are designed to deliver more personalised and intuitive experiences through its Treasury as a Service (TaaS) and cloud capabilities.

Kondor users will benefit from OpenFin’s “Workspace Anywhere” technology, which allows easy access to the system either through popular web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge or via a lightweight desktop application.

This technology enables users to customise their experiences and access integrated applications through a unified dashboard to improve the ease and effectiveness of treasury management tasks.

Finastra’s Kondor system has advanced capabilities in supporting complex trading, risk management, and operations. It is a crucial tool for financial institutions managing the complexities of global markets.

OpenFin, known for its Chromium-based workspace technology, is deployed across over 3,800 banks and financial firms.

Herve Carrere

Herve Carrere

“Through robust technology and TaaS, we’re giving banks the tools to fast-track their transformation, future-proof their business to evolve with new demands and optimise their entire treasury operations – from full back-office processing through to real-time coverage of credit, market and liquidity risk in the front office.


The seamless workspace experience also ensures that users can easily access these tools in the way that works best for them.”

said Herve Carrere, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Treasury & Capital Markets at Finastra.

Adam Toms

Adam Toms

“Our collaboration with Finastra enhances Kondor’s already impressive capabilities, making it even more powerful in the complex landscape of treasury trading.


Together, we are setting a new standard for what financial institutions can expect in terms of performance and user experience.”

said Adam Toms, Chief Operating Officer at OpenFin.


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